Winter’s Final Roar

We’ve entered a deep freeze that should last only a couple of days, and then we’re going to start climbing back into spring-like conditions.

I ran out of propane this morning. I was shocked since I’d filled the on board tank when I left Osoyoos on January 31st! I’m betting the culprit is the fridge, which was on LP mode for nearly a week.

Thankfully, I’d noticed a propane refill centre at a nearby Texaco, so I knew where to go to fill up. There, I learned that 30lbs is 7.1.25 gallons. I forget what the litre amount is.

Both propane and gas are much more expensive than I would have expected, but less than in Canada. The 30lb tank cost me $23 to fill here. In Osoyoos, it was $27 in town, but $20 at the RV park. So, it’s less here for Joe Public, but more than what I was paying. Gas is about $3.50 a gallon, so a fill is $35, about $10 less than what I was paying in Canada. Last time I filled up in Washington, a tank cost me $25.

None of this pricing irks me since last night I discovered that a meal’s worth of fresh shrimp costs 50 cents here. So long as shrimp is the cheapest protein I can buy, I will feel very rich! 😀

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  • You may want to look for a culprit other than the fridge causing your LP usage. In my experience, the fridge and stove use very little propane, whereas the furnace is the big hog, followed by a generator that runs on propane (I had one of those in my 5th wheel). The furnace really drinks LP; also, have you checked for a leak?

  • I think it’s a combination of the fridge and running the furnace more since I couldn’t run any electric heat. It’s not a huge usage spike, but enough to make me notice what extras I was running on LP.

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