Winter Bounty

It would take thousands of words to explain just why Texas is such a good place for me to be this winter. All I can say is that this is easy living in a good climate and my stress levels are lower than they have been in a very, very long time.

I’m getting plenty of sun and exercise and the abundance of delicious fresh non-wintery tasting fruits and veggies means that I am eating very well. With all of that comes mostly good sleep, the kind I thought I would never again be able to have. I am very well and refusing to even think about the impending return to Canada. This is a now I want to savour fully.

Lunch today was yummy. For someone who until a couple of days ago had no use for avocados, I sure had nooooo trouble figuring out what to do with the one I bought yesterday:


I just mooshed it up with coarse sea salt, some minced garlic, and the juice of half of a small lime. OMG, avocado, where have you been all my life?

After I had devoured half of the contents of the bowl, I decided to grill a small tortilla so I’d have something with which to mop the bowl:


With this, I had a whole orange pepper (sliced, no dip) and a whole mango for dessert. Winter bounty at its best!

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  • Avocados!!! My favorite! I keep several around all the time. Try it on a toasted roll, with lemon or lime juice. If you like spicy, try to find some Tony Chachere’s Cajun seasoning. It is the bomb on avocado. If you have the ingredients, an entire meal can be made of some pepper cheese melted on the toast, then a thick layer of the avocado, then some thinly-sliced tomatoes or red (or any color) bell peppers. A green salad on the side. This is very filling, and the effects are not immediate, so use caution in overdoing. Avocado is deceptively dense, and once it hits bottom, you will know it. It sticks with you because of the abundance of oil and other good-for-you components.

    There is a packaged avocado product that comes in heavy plastic envelopes that freezes beautifully. It’s called Wholly Guacamole, and at the end of avocado season, it is about a buck for seven ounces. It is not pure avocado, but almost. It is a mixture of mostly avocado with other things for variety. Cruise the produce section of your local grocery store, then freeze as many as you can manage. Great as a sandwich spread when making that quick lunch on the road.

    Virtual hugs,


  • I just love all these avocado consumption tips I’m getting! It’s like I’m joining a secret society!

    You’re right about them being very filling! I read the nutritional info after I ate my whole one and just about blanched. No other fat on days when I have avocado!

    I will keep my eye out for Wholly Guacamole. Thanks!!!

  • Don’t panic – it’s good fat!! ;->

  • Oh, I know I’m better off eating that kind of fat than all the cheese I consume, but one still needs to be careful! 🙂

  • We buy them on sale, cut in half, take out the nut, wrap in waxed paper and freeze. They thaw like queens…through them in our smoothies most mornings! Loving your Texas fun….and all the good eating!

  • I can freeze them?!

  • I haven’t tried to freeze fresh ones, but the packages are great because you can snip off a corner of the package, eat a small amount, then clip the opening shut, and the remainder of the package stays fresh and doesn’t turn brown. We seem to find a place on nearly every plate for at least a quarter of a fruit. See where I sneaked it in yesterday in the picture at my blog. ;->

  • *Rae plays ‘Spot the Avocado* Found it! With the tomatoes! Do I get a prize?

    Does it matter if avocado goes brown, like does it affect the taste?

  • No, it doesn’t really affect the taste, but it is pretty easy to keep the attractive color. If you have a fresh one, squeeze a little lemon juice over it. It’s nice for taste anyway, so having it there doesn’t hurt anything. The packages will stay usable and nicely green for at least a week, especially if you then place the closed-up package inside of a storage container of some kind. The idea is to keep air away from the avocado.

    After your initial enthrallment with eating a whole one at a time, you will be able to spread it out over a day or two, or three – maybe.

  • Lime juice. Limes are another recent discovery of mine. I haven’t had a lemon in the rig in ages, but there’s always a lime in the freezer! I was going to do that, squirt a little juice over the cut surface, but I wanted to make sure that if I missed a spot, the avocado was still good. I don’t mind brown spots.

    My ‘whole one’ was little! 😀

    Dang, avocado would have been awesome in my turkey melt at lunch in lieu of the cheese. Must. Go. Buy. More.

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