What Price for Joy

It’s my third night here and I’ve already got ‘Going to the pool, YAY!!’ down to a science. Sometime between seven and eight, I put on my bathing suit, throw my jammies over it, and schlep over to the pool building with my bag holding toiletries and a towel. This way, I don’t have too much ‘stuff’ (ie. clothes) to deal with at the pool and I can shower right there.

I don’t believe there is anything in the whole of the universe that gives me as much joy as does swimming. Just doing laps doesn’t satisfy me. Soon as I hit the water, I have to play, turning somersaults and spending as much time under water as possible. There is no more glorious feeling than that of being completely submersed. I must have been a fish in a past life. No, make that an otter!

In 2009 I have already swam as many times as I did in 2008 and I plan to make up for 2007 when I didn’t get to swim at all.

So, what price for joy? I’m stretching the budget by staying here, but I have yet to feel that the price I’m paying is too much. 😀

For those who are curious about what this paradise called Pacific Border RV Park looks like, the park website has lots of good photos… just add a generous amount of snow to them. 😉

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  • Nice park Rae, I didn’t even know it was there. We have always stayed at the Parkcanada in Delta but it is not all that nice. It is nice to know the Pacific Border RV Park is there for next time.

    You are right – it is expensive! I hope they give a deep discount for monthly rates.

  • Their monthly rate is actually pretty average for the area! There seem to be three categories of parks in the GVR:

    Less than 500$/month=in the middle of nowhere, no amenities, will nickle and dime you to death until you wind up paying closer to 700$/month, everything included, meaning you’re better off going to the following category;

    About 700$/month=centrally located, amenities, more of an all inclusive formula (where I am now 🙂 );

    More than 700$/month=can have features of either or both of the above, but are practically right in downtown Vancouver

    When I consider how centrally located I am, that I have full hookups, that there is a spa on site, etc., this actually doesn’t feel that expensive for being so near to Vancouver.

    I would have to be in dire straits to stay at a Parks Canada campground. Now, there’s a prime example of price gouging.

  • Parkcanada is actually a private RV Park very close to the Tsawwassen Ferry dock. It has an outdoor pool and a water park next door but they are separate properties. It is $31.50 / night weekly rate is 7 nights for 6.


  • Of course! *bonks head* It’s even on my list! I think that if I see the word ‘park’ before the word ‘Canada’ I automatically think ‘Over priced government-run facility.’ LOL!!! It didn’t make my list because they’re closed in early Jan. I’ll have to remember to call them to find out if they have monthly rates for February.

  • I remember it as having biting insects!

  • I doubt I’d have to worry about that in February! 😀

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