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Using Tension Bars in RVs

I love the shelf I put up in the toilet room, but it hasn’t been that useful since I haven’t been able to secure anything up there. I ran a tension curtain rod across the opening, but the slightest bump would dislodge it and everything would end up on the floor.

Fast forward to The Apartment. It had a long hallway to the main part of the room. I wanted to hang a heavy blanket across it to muffle noise and to block my view of the front door from the desk. My maintenance guy suggested I hang the blanket on a tension rod. I replied that the blanket I had in mind would be too heavy for one. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me to go look at shower curtain tension rods.

Shower curtain tension rods?

I ran over to Walmart, poked around the bathroom stuff, and found nice big adjustable tension rods that sure looked a lot sturdier than the flimsy curtain rods I was familiar with. Small hiccup; they were $20. It was one thing to pay that for 80 square feet of flooring, but I was not paying that to block a hallway! But then I had an epiphany and did some mental comparing between the width of the hallway and the width of the toilet room. I wasn’t looking at spending $20 on The Apartment but rather buying something that would serve me in the RV.

End result:

That this is not going anywhere! I can now feel comfortable storing the ginormous extra bag of cat food up there!

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  • We put one of those across the middle of our shower for hanging wet clothes. Love them!

  • Thatis like the cherry on the cake! You can now use the free space that you made to it’s potential! Good use of $20!

  • In your original blog describing the height of the shelf, you mentioned that two toilet paper rolls fit stacked on the shelf. If you keep an eye out for a discounted shower curtain rod, you could put the second rod across and double the storage height again.

  • Debbie, I didn’t bother to stack the paper nicely, but it can go two high and still be held in place with just that one bar. Two bars would probably be overkill. 🙂

    (it’s so lovely to see that people are actually reading this blog! 😀 )

  • There’s nothing like looking at something with a different perspective. $20 is a small price considering all the benefit you will get from that rod.

  • I have no problem spending $20 on my home. Spending $20 on what amounts to a hotel room requires greater consideration. 🙂

  • <>

    Oh gosh, yes! I pore over the details of your renovations, often going back again to see something for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th time. You are so inspiring to me! How you have made an RV over into a cozy little cottage is just remarkable, and the fact that you did it all yourself is fantastic. I love all the little details. Just keep writing–I will keep reading!

    I’m watching your route with interest, although generally we are headed east-west rather than north-south. I’m only sorry you aren’t planning a trip up the east coast of the US so we could offer you some hospitality. I’d be happy to move Mo out of her space so you could hook up 🙂 If you ever want to stay someplace where you can take day trips via train to New York City and Philadelphia, we are halfway between them and right on the commuter routes. And less than an hour from the Jersey shore, too! You have an open invitation.

    Drive safely!

  • Debbie, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only person who reads blogs obsessively. 🙂

    Where are you located roughly? I’m doing a straight shot up the east coast, taking the eastern shore route in Maryland and Delaware, then skirting around Philly, Trenton, NYC, up through Albany to cross into Quebec just north of Plattsburgh.

  • Loved your bathroom re-do. Ingenius overhead storage. I found shower curtain rods at Dollar General or Family Dollar for $8. That was almost a year ago (If you can get to them without spending the $12 savings in gas : }

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