Upgrading to OS X Lion


I’ve put this off for ages, but tonight I am upgrading to OS X Lion. After the mess that Snow Leopard made of my friend’s computer and learning that some of my apps won’t run on Lion, I’ve been gun shy about taking the leap. But a bunch of apps I use are now upgraded to Lion-only. It took me ages to move to Leopard because I didn’t want to lose my Classic apps, but it didn’t take long for me to completely forget what those apps were.

Before I can upgrade to Lion, I have to move to Snow Leopard. I find that slightly ridiculous, but it’s still much cheaper than moving from one one version of Windows to another. I only say this because there is a good chance that I will need to get a copy of Windows installed on my computer and the cost of a license is making me blanch!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to upgrade to the latest version of iWork, too. I thought I had the latest version of iLife, but they just moved to a version 11, darn it, so that might be another hidden expense of moving to Lion. I am hoping that I won’t need to get the latest Microsoft office suite because that costs a crazy amount of money. I’d been running the 2004 version until my last software update when it just went buggy. I haven’t missed it at all, happily typing in Pages and then exporting.

Well, I’d better snap to it. Snow Leopard alone could take four hours to install!

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  • I had upgraded from Tiger to Leopard but didn’t have enough ram in my little MacBook so had to go back to Tiger. Can’t upgrade either so it’s stay with Tiger or buy a new computer and that’s not in the budget. Good luck!

  • My Macbook Pro is more than beefy for Lion and I can’t wait to get there. Snow Leopard is being a NIGHTMARE, however. I remember now why I took so long to get to this point.

  • Actually, upgrading from one Window OS to another is not near as expensive as you remember from back in the day. Like, $100 or less.

  • The last two upgrades of OSX were $30 each. I’m on the staples.ca site and it looks like Windows 7 costs $100 to $400 based on the version.

  • Windows 7 updates are, as I said, less than a hundred dollars.

  • That still sounds way more expensive than with OSX. Each version is basically a whole new operating platform for about $30. If I had to get Windows on my Mac, I’d have to shell out about $150 to get the original Windows license, then about $100 for each upgrade?

  • I was talking about upgrades for Windows machines, specifically, as they come with Windows 🙂

    No matter what, software is expensive, LOL

  • Okay, same scenario as with Mac, then, and the Windows updates are 3x the price. 😉

  • Okay, let’s just agree to disagree – because they’re really not. Mac comes out with updates to their OS just about every year and Microsoft doesn’t – so it’s not more expensive in the long run, IMO.

  • But you can stay on your current OS for years and years and years without upgrading. If I didn’t want to run the software I want to run, I’d have no reason to be on Lion and would probably still be running Tiger. I’ve done the math. Adding everything up, a Mac is cheaper in the long run. But I love you anyway. 😉

  • I lost FileMaker Pro going to Lion and had to buy the Microsoft Suite–even though they said I didn’t have to. I have not been happy with Lion. They’re fixing things little by little with upgrades, but…

  • What do you use FileMaker Pro for? I use Bento for my databases.

    Had some trouble getting Mail to come online, but otherwise, so far so good with Lion.

  • For what it’s worth, I had no problems with the Lion or Mountain Lion upgrades. My standard procedure for OS upgrades:

    1. Wait four to six months after the introduction of a major revision, until the inevitable x.x.x tweaks are out (e.g., 10.7.4). You’ve already done that.

    2. While waiting, gradually upgrade all my applications to the latest versions, to ensure that they are compatible with the new OS. This is the most important step. I’ve learned the hard way that upgrading my OS first, and then my apps, is a recipe for trouble.

    3. Back up my entire hard drive using SuperDuper, which produces a bootable clone. (I do this nightly anyway–only takes about fifteen minutes.)

    4. Install Apple’s “combo” updater, rather than the much smaller patch-type one.

    The key is to have all the apps up to date BEFORE upgrading the operating system. Do that, and you’ll be unlikely to run into problems. Try to do it all at once is asking for unwanted complications.

  • I skipped step 2. 🙂 I did check to make sure that the apps I use are Lion compliant and dumped the ones that aren’t.

    Call me anal, but I back up onto two separate external drives; one has my Time Machine backups and the other one has my bootable SuperDuper backup. I was glad to have my Time Machine ones this afternoon because I was only able to get Mail to work by restoring the last save of the Mail folder before I started playing with my system.

    And Mountain Lion is out?! Where the heck have I been?! Oh, you’re a developer and I haven’t been under a rock all this time. Phew! 😀

  • If you are worried about the cost, just switch to Linux. Unless you do CAD work everything can be done for free on Linux, for free! And even CAD is now being developed for Linux. About the only dificult thing with Linux is choosing the right distro for your lifestyle.

  • I ain’t learning a new OS! 😀 Mac has worked for me for 10 years and will continue to do so. 🙂

  • Everytime you upgrade your OS, you have to learn a new OS!
    Besides which, OSX is just a derivitive of FreeBSD via Darwin anyway, which is not very different from Linux. In fact you can even make Linux look like OSX, if you want it to feel familiar.

    The biggest real difference is in the cost.

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