Mar 18, 2013 - Cleaning, Homemaking, Personal    No Comments

Two Months of Ground Oyster Shells


Fighting the dust on the beach was a losing battle. I gave up, satisfying myself with a daily cursory sweep of the broom and passing of a Swiffer cloth over surfaces.

Since I’ll be getting a shower tonight, it seemed such a shame to go to bed in a dirty rig. So as soon as the laundry was done, I set to work with the shop vac, a bucket of sudsy water, and Pledge Future.

The rig was otherwise spotless, so there was a minimum amount of moving stuff out of the way needed to vacuum and wash the rig from the ceiling down to the floors and then add the Future to make them shiny.

Soon as I finish my deliciously icy cold beer, I am heading for the shower. I don’t plan to get out of it until I look like a prune!

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