Trolling the Classifieds Pays Off!

The flooring issue in the apartment has been vexing. Even if the carpet wasn’t completely gross, I wouldn’t want to leave it exposed because of the cats. All it would take would be one accident and I’d have to pay for new carpeting! So, I bought a plastic drop cloth and laid it over the floor. Worked, but I couldn’t imagine walking on a drop cloth all winter and my idea of laying down runners to make paths sounded positively dismal.

I decided that I had to bite the bullet and buy some proper flooring to put over the drop cloth in the main part of the room and that it would probably be a carpet. I needed something about 8’x10′, which doesn’t come cheap! There was no way I was going to invest in this place, so today I decided to check the classifieds. I scored, big time:

This hideous monstrosity (I’m not a fan of Aztec patterns!) couldn’t have been better coloured for this place. The burgundy, beige, and dark green can be found in my comforter and the pale teal matches the tiling in the kitchen and bathroom! It’s ugly, but it fits right in and in doing so is almost attractive! The guy was asking for $35 but I offered $20. He replied “If you can be here tonight, you can have it.” I got in the car immediately and drove clear across town, making it there just as darkness fell. For $20, whatever happens this winter happens. Tabitha can claw it to bits and Neelix can puke on it all he wants (readers go “EW!!!”) and it will have been worth my twenty bucks!

The carpet felt pretty clean (and smelled great, surprisingly enough), but I still had some cleaning solution in the carpet cleaner, so I gave it a spritz.

Here’s my living room area looking towards the bed, with the lovely chair and ottoman Gary pulled out of storage for me:

And here’s the room looking towards the desk:

I put the carpet flush against the bed so that I could fit a plastic runner around the desk since it will be a high chair traffic area. I consider the apartment setup to be DONE. Now, I just need to figure out what else needs to be brought in based on the potential of damage due to low temperatures.

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  • Glad to see you getting settled in. It feels to me like this is going to be a long winter but it got hot here in Minnesota again today so maybe there’s hope for winter holding off awhile yet.

  • Having seen Miranda on your blog, I knew you’d make this otherwise sterile apartment suitably comfy for the winter. I suggest you bring your artwork and the cross stitch piece you made into the apartment. It’s just a couple of nail-holes (that won’t cost to fix, will it?) and having something nice on the walls will make the place more “yours” while you are there. (Plus the potential damp outside is probably not great for any art done on paper, anyway.)

  • Debbie, taking the artwork out of Miranda would be a pain; it’s all velcroed to the walls. I intend to run a heater as it gets colder, so everything should survive. Having my cats, bed, and familiar things that enable me to fall back into my routine really help to make this place more comfortable.

  • Don’t use the words ‘long winter’ in the presence of someone living in southern Alberta! 😉

    What part of Minnesota are you in?

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