Travels Without Miranda, Coda

My travels without Miranda took me from Mexico through the United States and across the Atlantic ocean in search of myself and a purpose in life. They prepared me for this wonderful adventure I’m on right now; one that is constantly shaping and redefining itself. There have been many times lately that I have felt that my old life had better days, but then some small thing happens that makes me realise that I might have lost an abundance of good days, but I have gained a great life.

I have a nomad’s soul. There is no point in fighting that. I can settle somewhere for many months, even years, and be impossibly content for that time, but there always comes a time where I need to go. It is my biological imperative. Yes, it does involve certain sacrifices; what choices in life do not? Would my life be easier if I was willing to settle down? Yes. But an easy life is nothing but a long death.

For the next little while, as I learn to figure out the mechanics of this life and how to fund it, there will probably be a lot less travel with Miranda than there was without her, at least into new places. So, I will practise one final lesson that I learned in my old life, when I did my annual ‘pretend that I am a tourist in my own town’ day. Because

The real voyage of discovery comes not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust*

My travels are just my way of figuring out how this world works. Thank you for following me and helping me make a little better sense of it all.

*Le véritable voyage de découverte ne consiste pas à chercher de nouveaux paysages, mais à avoir de nouveaux yeux.

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  • I have never driven through an unfamiliar neighborhood, town or village, city, state or country without wondering about who lives there, how do they live, what kind of lives do they lead, and so on. Those are questions you can only answer by going there and staying awhile, and that is the life of the noman and the gypsy.

  • Martha, you get it. So many people in my old life don’t. Maybe this blog is also a way to get them to understand why I had to go.

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