The Toilet Room: Before & After

I guess I could have kept on with a bit of a nautical theme and called this room the head since toilet room is so ugly and throne room or potty room are too cutesy. But I’m practical and not afraid to call things for what they are. It’s a room with a toilet, so it’s a toilet room.

When I bought Miranda, this room had one use only and the decor was not very inspiring:

toilet room before

Talk about a blank slate! The only thing I really liked about this room was the shape of the curtain and the linoleum, which reminded me of my dad.

Not being meant for full-timing, Miranda lacks storage for certain things in the place where you’d expect storage to be. Take toilet paper, for example. I could stack some around the toilet, I supposed, but I had other plans for the floor space. So, I decided to think vertically and came up with this monstrosity:

toilet room shelf

This shelf is a prime example of how I see the world. Readers probably see an ugly piece of plywood jammed into an otherwise pretty room. I saw something that just needed trim and paint to blend into its surroundings. I was right!

(don’t mind the wavy tension bar; it was a casualty of the Ice Fields dash!)

You can also see the new curtain I made, which matches not only the toilet room paint, but also the dressing room.

The other bit of storage I added to this room was the pocket door organizer:

The organizer makes the door a bit heavy and prone to shut, but is otherwise not a nuisance and an excellent use of space. It’s also a good place to store a roll or two of extra toilet paper to have some on hand.

The rig has brass accents throughout, so I did an experiment in toilet room to see if I could paint some of them, in this case the trim around the light switch and the toilet paper roll holder. The experiment was a mitigated failure in that at first glance they look fine, but a closeup shows what a crummy job I did. It was probably a combination of the wrong kind of paint and my inexperience with spray paint. Even with the paint job being the way it is, I prefer the dark brown look to the brass and don’t regret the attempt at improvement:

Finally, this before and after post was delayed because of my difficulty in finding frames to put up some art on the bare walls. I finally got two pieces up today and decided that they would do for now. I’m not sure if I should be putting artwork on the other wall or not. If I do, I’ll post an update. Both pieces are cheap post cards with images that have personal significance.

The first is of the schooner Bluenose:

Those who thought “Oh, that’s the boat on the Canadian dime and it reminds her to make money!” are completely wrong! 😀 This image reminds me of a movie I adored in my childhood, known as Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler in English. It’s the store of a boy who travels around the world on postage stamps, and the Bluenose stamp features prominently in the story. So, the Bluenose makes me think of travel and wild adventures.

The other post card is an imagined scene from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales:

Pilgrims on a journey. Relevant to my RVing life, no? 🙂 I love The Canterbury Tales and have read them a dozen times. I was fortunate enough to take a course on Chaucer in university in which the teacher insisted we read medieval English lit in the original Middle English, a very rewarding challenge. But I digress!

Here’s a final after shot:

Another DONE room!

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  • You really made a beautiful difference, and it shows so well in the before and after pictures.

  • Nice job! The final photo looks very nice – the added storage is a big plus. Just can’t get too much storage.

  • Looking good!

  • Thanks, all!

  • I’m learning alot from you, Rae, about how to tweek an RV to make it more livable. The shelf is a super idea and I like the shape of the curtain as well. Your new curtain is much better than the old one.
    I haven’t hit the road yet……….I’m in the planning stages. Do you think it’s possible for one person, 3 dogs, and 2 cats to live in a 25 footer?

  • Brenda,

    May I respond to your question also? I am living Full Time in a 24′ Class C. My answer to your question is – Yes, it is possible. I personally would not want to have 3 dogs and two cats in here with me. I could see maybe one dog, maybe a dog and a cat, maybe two cats.

  • Brenda, glad you’re getting good ideas from my renos. Thanks for your comments!

    As for space considerations, it depends on a lot of factors, including your tolerance level for dirt and fur. The size of your dogs is really important, too. Personally, I wouldn’t bring a third animal in here, but I have seen no fewer than six grown BIG dogs jump out of a small travel trailer once!

  • Oh, Rae, you make me laugh! I feel confident now that a 25 footer or thereabouts will do nicely for me. My pack and I get along just fine and usually are always nearby each other. As far as dirt and fur, no problem!!!! LOL Actually, you know, the less they spread out, the quicker the cleanup.

  • I hope I make you laugh in a good way. 😉

  • Yes, in a good way, of course. I just got this mental picture of what 6 big dogs jumping out of a little RV would look like and that’s what made me laugh. My confidence also soared as I felt like I had it pretty well planned out according to their habits and I THINK it should work but thought I might be missing something. So now I think if someone can make 6 BIG dogs work, I’m quite OK with 2 BIG dogs, 1 medium dog and 2 very nice cats. LOL. Thank you.

  • […] emptied the room, then washed it all down, from the ceiling to the floor. Then, I actually got the paint out (not surprised that I had tons left, but surprised that it was still good!) and did a ton of touch […]

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