The Night Is Young…

And it is cold.

I’m pretty sure that it’s not quite as cold as it was in Prince George in October, but I’ve got the electric heat running, so that could skew my numbers a tad. Like that night, the furnace is no luxury!

The forecast has worsened, not improved, with the low tonight dipping to minus nine. We are approaching scary number territory! If that happens, I will, of course, move to the house; no sense being super uncomfortable for nothing. But so long as we don’t hit minus eleven, I prefer to bundle up and sleep in my own bed.

I actually pulled out my long winter coat, something I didn’t do last year. The wind coming in from the ocean can be quite brutal at times, so I’ll appreciate being covered down to my ankles with a warm coat and having a (faux) fur-lined hood for my five minute walk to work.

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