Jun 6, 2012 - Personal    3 Comments

The Meaning of ‘Moya’

My toad’s name, Moya, comes from a character in my favourite sci-fi show, Farscape. Moya is a living ship, a biomechanical lifeform with a soul.

This show is about an astronaut who gets shot through a wormhole into another galaxy into a new and amazing life aboard Moya. My favourite line from the show is from the intro and is one that I quote to folks who just don’t get my lifestyle.

You’ll never know the wonders I’ve seen.

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  • So I just moved Farscape to #1 on my Netflix list. I will start watching it today. Have fun with the new toad.

  • Give it time if you do try it because it is very disorienting at first, to make us live through what the main character goes through. Once you get in, prepare to be sucked in for the whole four seasons and movie! 🙂

  • […] road, really needing to remove the salt spray from both vehicles and to buff out any rusty spots. Moya is also asking me for a wax job, so I really want to find a place where I can wash at my […]

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