Nov 29, 2008 - Buying Miranda, Technical    1 Comment

The Little Discussed Gem of the Class C

I’ve read a lot about Class C RVs. We owners of them are quick to extol their virtues. But there is one feature I’ve never seen discussed: the view from the overhead cab.

Think about it. Miranda is about 11′ tall, not counting the air conditioner and antenna. So, when I’m lying in the cab, right up against the ceiling (since I have a particularly thick mattress), I’m pretty much sleeping at a height that is equivalent to the floor of a second story.

One of my favourite parts of the day is to peek through the curtains up there first thing in the morning and watch the sun rise or the rain fall. I get a long distance view right clear across the park and to the mountains. I’ve had gorgeous views (middle of nowhere Transcanada, Vérendrye Park), views that were okay (Cochrane, here), and views that sucked (Edmonton, any Walmart). What a treat it is to be able to survey my new home or check out the weather before even getting out of bed!

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1 Comment

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