The Highly Technical French-Canadian Method For Securing Furniture (some assembly required)

The filing cabinet really vexed my mother. She felt that it was just about impossible to secure it to the rig without risking that a misadventure would rip out the floor or, worse, a wall. I witnessed this summer just how much it can move, and how much damage it can make, when an idiot with no respect for his clients’ RVs parks one.

The conclusion she reached was one I had toyed with: not securing the filing cabinet, but rather wedging it in place during travel.

The end result has a horizontal piece linking the desk and the top of the cabinet, a horizontal piece linking the wall behind the desk and the bottom of the cabinet, and a vertical piece blocking the drawers. There is also some trim on the bottom of the cabinet to further discourage it from moving.

I think it’s time for a picture. 🙂

Everything that touches the desk, cabinet, or printer drawer has padding to hopefully prevent scratches.

Here’s a closeup of the vertical section with the drawer pieces:

My mother wanted the whole thing to be dismantleable and easy to store and she wanted to make sure everything was wedged in super tight, hence the use of the cedar shingle wedges.

I’ll know in a few days if this works or not!

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  • If you can fix the wedges in place, it should be secure. If not, the wedges will likely work free with the movement of your RV.

  • There is some no-slide padding where the wedges come in, so they can’t move freely. *crossing my fingers*

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