The Dirty RV Chore No One Talks About

One of the many things that sold me on RVing is that I would no longer have to worry about yard chores. Ha ha ha ha ha.

As part of my maintenance schedule, I like to get up on the roof fairly regularly (it averages out to about once per quarter since I don’t get up there in snowy or icy conditions).

Up there, I wash the solar panels, make a note of anything needing Dicoring (note to self, bring TONS up there next time), and… clean the gutters.

Augh! Gutters! I hated getting on the roof to clean them in my house and now I still have to do it in my RV! This wasn’t anywhere in the ‘This Is What You’re Getting Into’ manual, not even the fine print!

Thankfully they were fairly clear this time around so I was through in about 10 minutes. I spent two hours cleaning my gutters in Blaine after my fall in Osoyoos under trees!

In other news, I checked the real estate space on the roof, including where shadows are falling and, surprise, I can fit at least two 150W panels up there! Okay, now if only $400 would fall from the sky. 🙂

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