The Calm After the Storm

I awoke to rain that quickly changed to a roaring thunderstorm that whipped the rig badly. The upshot of it is that it cleaned my windows¬† nicely! The sky has been gradually clearing and I’m hopeful we will get the promised clear skies tomorrow so that I can get my batteries fully recharged (they’re at 94% right now, 15AH down, so power is not a concern!).

I was happy to have an excuse to stay in today and worked contentedly on my ebook and cross-stitch project, a sharp contrast to the restlessness I felt yesterday.

This evening, L and I are heading out for one last game of shuffleboard and then a seafood dinner. I should check in with him and make sure our clocks say the same thing. This has definitely been the least brutal spring time change of my life, since I’m not on a schedule.

When I booked my stay in San Antonio, the 18th felt so far away. Now, I have only one week left on the beach!

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