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Jun 29, 2010 -

A Good Day In Whitehorse

Today was awesome. I will share the awesome parts tomorrow when I’ll be able to upload pics. 🙂

Last night in the tent would have been okay if I didn’t have the noisy neighbours from hell. Every time I managed to dose off I’d be awaken by their loud voices, and, once, by their car alarm!

It was a surprisingly cold night, but I was dressed for it and have a good sleeping bag. It was time, however, to concede that I have passed the age for sleeping on the ground. 🙂 Since I plan to camp during my Inuvik adventure, I bought a self-inflating mattress at CDN Tire this morning.

I needed to be at Kal Tire at 7:30, so I headed straight there, then went for breakfast. The work was done by 10:30 and seeing the new front tires helped me accept the mechanic’s assertion that there is no reason to change the rear ones at this time since they have just about as much tread left on them. I was told to have all tires balanced periodically and eventually move the new front ones to the rear. The alignment made a huge difference to how the car drives. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize that there was a problem!

And, so, the tedious item knocked off my to-do list, it was time to see some tall mountains, touch prehistory, discover that I’m a natural at using an ancient weapon, and gaze upon some relics of Yukon transportation history. And all by 5PM! The pictures will be worth waiting for the story. 🙂

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Jun 28, 2010 -

Whitehorse Supply Run

I left Dawson in pouring rain at 8 this morning. There was a lot of construction between Pelly Crossing and Whitehorse, which stretched the trip to a nearly interminable 6.5 hour trip.

My first item of business was to have the toad’s tires examined. Thankfully there’s a Kal Tire in Whitehorse! The news was acceptable; I need two new front tires and an alignment. They should be able to do the work first thing tomorrow, so I should still be able to do some touristy stuff.

I’m staying at Hi Country RV Park… In a tent! 🙂 It’s pricey, $18 + tax, but I got a locals discount and showers are included. There is also wi-fi, which I’m accessing with my iPod Touch! The campground is nice, but I resent being sold a ‘tenting’ spot where the only place to set up the tent without being on rocks is on a slope. Our tent spots might be on gravel, but at least they are flat!

Tonight, I will do my non-perishable shopping, which includes things for my friends. I’d better get cracking!

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May 8, 2010 -

Telus Works in Dawson!

Even though Telus told me my internet key would not work in Dawson, it does!

While much slower than a wi-fi or hardwired connection, the speed is adequate and slightly better than what I had in Whitehorse. I’m impressed!

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