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Aug 6, 2012 -

Woman Lives in Her RV in Vancouver for $500 a Month

There is a lady living in Vancouver in an RV for $500 a month. The police actually recommended the park where she lives. Kudos to the authorities for dealing so positively with the housing crisis in Vancouver!

I did find it sad that life in the RV is seen by the narrator as so hard and full of sacrifice with few luxuries. This lady has a nice, big, class C. She is fortunate to have all the comforts of a small apartment, a great view, and no rent in one of the world’s most expensive cities! I look at this as fortunate misfortune. She might be out of work and poor, but she has a real home in the city she loves.

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Feb 10, 2011 -

On a Distant Shore

I have a standing contract with a UK company. I triple verified that because this contract was set up in Canada and is with a non-US client, it’s okay for me to continue with it during my stay in the States. It’s not steady income. Some days I make nothing, other days I cover rent for the day. I usually check out the task list first thing in the morning, while I have my coffee, and work at it steadily until I either run out of work or need to get started on more pressing projects.

I’ve been on an early schedule since I left Osoyoos last Monday, something that is likely going to keep up so long as it’s sunny out. So, I was in the office at 8 this morning and was able to put in two hours of work before running out of tasks.

Due for a break, I headed down the hill to the beach and discovered a little café that’s open in the winter! Most of the other business are shut tight, so this gem was a sight to behold! The owner and I had a good gab about the weather while he prepared me a mocha (a real treat since otherwise I never have sugary coffee drinks). I wouldn’t want to get in the habit of going there for a mid-morning coffee every day ($$$), but a few times a week when it’s so nice out will be great. They also make sandwiches and sell ice cream, so the café offers me a place that’s super close by to duck to when I need to get out of the rig. If I have to drive to go somewhere, I’m more likely to stay shut in when I’m in the groove of my day.

Standing on the beach, looking at White Rock in the distance, I had to laugh, remembering standing on its beach and looking out towards what I now know is Birch Bay, Washington. You really never know where your life is going to take you. And now that I realise just how close I am to the Canadian border, having seen it, I can understand better the US customs officials’ bewilderment that I wasn’t go very far into their country!

White Rock, BC, in the distance
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Feb 7, 2011 -

Nice Rest Area in Abbotsford

I needed to be out of Tradex ASAP this morning and have unresolved business with the RV show. Until that is settled, I don’t want to make any firm plans. One thing I know for sure is that I don’t want to spend the next couple of months in the Vancouver area; the cost of living is way too high. So I’ve decided to bump around a variety of dry camping spots for a couple of days until my batteries force me to plug in somewhere for a night.

After some Googling last night and this morning, I found out that there is a nice rest area on Cole road, exit 99, in Abbotsford. It has an easy access dump and water station. I was very overdue for both dumping and taking on fresh water, so this place is a haven! Stays are limited to 8 hours (which is very different from ‘no overnight parking allowed’), so I’ve decided to come spend my days here since it’s peaceful and a bit off of the highway, and then move to the Walmart for the night since it’s only a couple of exits away. I called to make sure that they allow parking; yes, but they warned me that it’s noisy since RV parking is allowed only on the Home Depot side (“delivery trucks come in all night”) and the road. I’ll stay on the latter side. I’ve been at an airport for a week, so I doubt a little traffic is going to keep me up! 😀

I know where I want to spend the next few months, until winter breaks and I get some more options, but I’m really stuck in the GVR until the RV show file is firmly closed. I’m really disappointed to be in this situation, since I just want to crash somewhere and sleep for a week, but I’m hanging on and will reassess in a few days.

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