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Jul 23, 2010 -

Shopping in Dawson City

Today, I went out shopping for frames for the toilet room pictures (can’t believe I forgot to pick those up down south!!!). I went into stores I’ve never before entered and their names just got better and better as I went along:

-Aurora, our full service office supply store.

-Peabody’s, our full service photography shop.

-the Dawson City Trading Post, which is a page right out of the Gold Rush era. They have all manner of late 19th century gear available, plus modern camping equipment. I wanted one of everything! 😀

-Maximillian’s Gold Rush Emporium, filled to the brim with books, toys, tee-shirts, and sundry items.

-The Raven’s Nook, which sells jewelry, sportswear, and souvenirs.

and, my favourite

-The Dancing Moose, which is your quintessential gift shop.

Found lots of frames, but none in the sizes I need. I guess I will need to hold off on the big toilet room reveal. 😀

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Jul 22, 2010 -

Waiting For Frames

Well, the toilet room is painted and the new curtain is up! I just need to find a couple more frames for the artwork and then the room will be done! Home Hardware has the correct sizes, but I want to see what I can find at the thrift store first. I found one perfect frame at the dump, so I’m optimistic that this won’t end up being the costliest part of the toilet room makeover!

No sneak peak; the room’s too small for that. 🙂 I’ll just say that it’s nearly perfect and exactly what I dreamed it would be.

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Jul 20, 2010 -

Feeling Like the Weather


I have been off Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for a couple of weeks, so I decided to wrangle for tomorrow morning off as well, giving me my first full day off at home since I arrived in Dawson. I was pretty psyched to be off at 2 today all the way to 11AM Thursday morning and had a whole list of things that needed to be done.

Of course, I woke up with a sore throat. I don’t think I’m actually sick but rather in need of some rest. So, I put on a couple of movies I borrowed from the library and did something that only happens when pigs fly: I sewed. I don’t do sewing machines, so the project involved several hours worth of hand stitching after several hours worth of pinning and cutting.

This used to be part of a bedsheet and will soon be gracing the window of the toilet room:

just a teaser...

The print has grown on me since I bought the fabric way back in Campbell River and it just so happens to perfectly match three of the colours I bought in Whitehorse. So expect to see more of it. 🙂

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