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Oct 2, 2010 -

Priming the Dressing Room

I’m always slow to start on projects because they tend to be so overwhelming. Such was the case with the dressing room; there were just so many small, nitpicky details to deal with. But once they were done and the room was ready for priming, why wait?! The climate here is so dry that the primer will be ready for a coat of paint in the morning and then I should have the dressing room back online Monday. I really didn’t want such a crucial room unavailable for any great length of time.

Before I started on the priming, I decided I might as well get the kitchen lintel defabricated, too, and polish up the side of the overfridge cabinet that’s visible from the dressing room. I wouldn’t be painting it since it’s part of the oak cabinetry, but why not just get it done?


Since I stupidly built the cabinet around the lintel, I didn’t think I’d be able to get it out, but, fortunately, the screws were all located at the edge of the cabinet, so I was able to get it out with a minimum of fuss. I then used two pieces of the trim I found to finish the cabinet side since two pieces width-wise fit the space exactly, they were of the perfect thickness, and I had one piece that fit vertically. So, it was just a matter of making one cut. It was one of those jobs that turned out to be super easy once I got to work on it.

from the front

from the side

The paint job in the toilet room wasn’t great because I’d never used Kilz primer before. It’s tricky stuff since it goes on thick but then sort of separates and drips. I wound up with waves of primer in the toilet room. The job there is fine for what the room is, but since the dressing room is so visible I wanted a smoother job. So, I spent a couple of hours tonight laying on primer with a brush, rolling it out, then brushing it again. It’s so hot and dry that the primer almost dried as I put it on, making it even fussier to work with. Again, I’m not thrilled with the result, but it’s better than the job I did in the toilet room.

It wasn’t until after I started priming that I realised I should have double-checked the colour first. But then I remembered that a little can of paint like that costs ten bucks so, worse case scenario, I’ll go pick up something I like better.

So, not a bad evening’s work… and I even made that chocolate cake! 😀

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Sep 28, 2010 -

Domestic Bliss

It’s amazing how long the days are when you don’t have to waste time at a job. Even after I’ve done as many billable hours as I can, worked some leads, and caught up on my bookkeeping, there’s still time to clean the rig, take walks, go swimming, and be silly with the cats. At the rate I’m going, I might actually finish the toilet room and get the dressing room done! I also have a library project I’m itching to get to, in addition to desperately needing new window coverings for the study.

The weather today wasn’t as nice as the last few; very windy and overcast, and it only went into the high teens (*cough, cough*), but still nice enough to throw open windows and roof hatches. I even had the front door open all day, something I didn’t do once this summer, and which delighted Neelix who loves to lie on the landing and stare through the screen door.

I just love being home; there’s no better place to be!

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Jul 25, 2010 -

A Toilet Room Teaser

I’m about to move on to the dressing room, but here’s a peek at the new and improved toilet room. A proper before and after post with closeups of details will follow once I have the decorating buttoned down!

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