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Apr 6, 2012 -

A Drop of Golden Brown

Miranda’s interior makeover is definitely an amateur and barely skilled effort. But that doesn’t mean that the rig can’t still look pulled together. One of the unifying elements is the oak cabinetry throughout. The problem is that there is also mismatched wood throughout. So starting in the kitchen and then in the dressing room with the wardrobe doors, I used a golden brown colour that matches the honey oak of the cabinetry to make my additions blend in a little better. I decided to buy a ton more of this paint colour and use it in the study, which had no fewer than four different wood finishes.

Now, I suck at taking decent before shots, but here’s an idea of what the bed base looked like this morning:

As you can see, the trim was unpainted. I was going to paint it golden brown like I did with the trim around the sink in the kitchen, but the bed base had a bunch of holes and scratches. Now, it’s all golden brown:

My desk, while sporting a few chips, does match the rest of the cabinetry, so it’s fine, except for the top:

I decided to paint the top as well as my little bookcase and the new top I made for it this morning (it’s been a productive day). Both the bookcase and desk top swill be golden brown and sealed with Verathane to protect the finish. Here’s a sneak peak of that:

Finally, the white door into the toilet room from the dressing room was getting on my nerves. I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Once I was committed to buying more of the golden brown paint, the answer was obvious: match the toilet room door to the wardrobe doors. Ta-dah:

I’ve got two coats of the golden brown on now and will do a third after dinner.

Tomorrow will be a mostly lost day as I need to put in a half day at the apartment complex. I’ll be glad for the extra income and the new manager is glad to not have to come in yet on a weekend. So I hope that three coats of brown will be enough and that I will be able to apply the Verathane tomorrow. Sunday, I’ll be able to get the rig completely squared away, and Monday I will be moving back in 95% of what’s in the apartment, leaving only a functional office and kitchen!

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Oct 6, 2010 -

The Toilet Room: Before & After

I guess I could have kept on with a bit of a nautical theme and called this room the head since toilet room is so ugly and throne room or potty room are too cutesy. But I’m practical and not afraid to call things for what they are. It’s a room with a toilet, so it’s a toilet room.

When I bought Miranda, this room had one use only and the decor was not very inspiring:

toilet room before

Talk about a blank slate! The only thing I really liked about this room was the shape of the curtain and the linoleum, which reminded me of my dad.

Not being meant for full-timing, Miranda lacks storage for certain things in the place where you’d expect storage to be. Take toilet paper, for example. I could stack some around the toilet, I supposed, but I had other plans for the floor space. So, I decided to think vertically and came up with this monstrosity:

toilet room shelf

This shelf is a prime example of how I see the world. Readers probably see an ugly piece of plywood jammed into an otherwise pretty room. I saw something that just needed trim and paint to blend into its surroundings. I was right!

(don’t mind the wavy tension bar; it was a casualty of the Ice Fields dash!)

You can also see the new curtain I made, which matches not only the toilet room paint, but also the dressing room.

The other bit of storage I added to this room was the pocket door organizer:

The organizer makes the door a bit heavy and prone to shut, but is otherwise not a nuisance and an excellent use of space. It’s also a good place to store a roll or two of extra toilet paper to have some on hand.

The rig has brass accents throughout, so I did an experiment in toilet room to see if I could paint some of them, in this case the trim around the light switch and the toilet paper roll holder. The experiment was a mitigated failure in that at first glance they look fine, but a closeup shows what a crummy job I did. It was probably a combination of the wrong kind of paint and my inexperience with spray paint. Even with the paint job being the way it is, I prefer the dark brown look to the brass and don’t regret the attempt at improvement:

Finally, this before and after post was delayed because of my difficulty in finding frames to put up some art on the bare walls. I finally got two pieces up today and decided that they would do for now. I’m not sure if I should be putting artwork on the other wall or not. If I do, I’ll post an update. Both pieces are cheap post cards with images that have personal significance.

The first is of the schooner Bluenose:

Those who thought “Oh, that’s the boat on the Canadian dime and it reminds her to make money!” are completely wrong! 😀 This image reminds me of a movie I adored in my childhood, known as Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler in English. It’s the store of a boy who travels around the world on postage stamps, and the Bluenose stamp features prominently in the story. So, the Bluenose makes me think of travel and wild adventures.

The other post card is an imagined scene from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales:

Pilgrims on a journey. Relevant to my RVing life, no? 🙂 I love The Canterbury Tales and have read them a dozen times. I was fortunate enough to take a course on Chaucer in university in which the teacher insisted we read medieval English lit in the original Middle English, a very rewarding challenge. But I digress!

Here’s a final after shot:

Another DONE room!

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Oct 5, 2010 -

The Dressing Room: Before & After

Glendale Royal Classics are not well-known rigs. Had I not stumbled on Miranda’s for sale ad, I would have gladly bought a 28′ class C with a comparable layout and not known that I was missing out on something incredible: a dressing room.

Miranda’s dressing room is roughly amidships, between the study and the kitchen, and it leads to the toilet room:

the dressing room is highlighted in green and the cloth dresser is added in brown

When I purchased Miranda, the space had a lot of potential, but needed some tweaking to improve the incredible amount of storage it offers.

The room didn’t need much cosmetic work, just a bit of paint and some pictures, but adding a dresser, changing the wardrobe doors, and putting a pocket organizer on the toilet-side of the door made this space much more functional.

Some highlights of the dressing room are:

The shower and cloth dresser

the shower, with space beside it

shower, before, with space beside it

The shower is too large a space not to be a closet when I’m not in there. It now holds my Wonderwash, laundry basket, and laundry supplies:

taking these two things out every night is not onerous in the least

I still plan to change the showerhead one day.

notice the hooks over the door; I have a bunch of them for hanging wet things

The cloth dresser fits almost perfectly in the space next to the shower:

cloth dresser

one of those 'it'll do for that space' kind of projects

The vanity:


the very sterile vanity before (notice the super ugly towel holder)

vanity with a bit of colour injected into it

I've had this print I bought years ago on this wall since I bought Miranda. You would think I'd picked the wall colour to match it!

vanity openthe ridiculously large medicine cabinet

the ridiculously large medicine cabinet with stuff in it

lots of space under the sink for cleaning products

The wardrobe:

old wardrobe doors

old wardrobe doors

new wardrobe doors

new wardrobe doors and the picture of a raven I put up first thing after buying Miranda

The toilet room door:

I put two over-door hooks to hang my towel and bathmat

This room is now incredibly functional and is actually one of the largest bathrooms I’ve ever had! There is still some tweaking to be done as to clothes organization and the floor trim isn’t finished, but otherwise I consider this room to be done!

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