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Jun 10, 2010 -

Of All the Campgrounds in All the Towns in All the North, They Walked into Mine

Today wasn’t a good day. I was tired, cranky, and grumpy from working every day for four weeks solid and I just wanted to be done with my day since I have most of tomorrow off. I’d just started the evening shift and was taking a reservation over the phone when I heard someone walk into the office. I turned around and my foul mood lifted as a big grin formed itself at the sight of someone I’d been hoping would make it to Dawson, but whom I never expected to see again: my roommate at the hostel in Tofino!!!

Unfortunately, she spent three days looking for me and is leaving tomorrow, but we still had a chance to go out tonight and catch up on where our last four months of travel have taken us. It was surreal to be sitting at Gerties with this gal I chatted with into the wee hours of the morning while overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

She went off to wash her car and next thing I knew some folks were coming to renew their stay. “Last name’s Church.” I felt a tingle and fumbled for their checkin card. It said Mike Church. I asked “Are you THE Mike Church?” They needed a bit more to say yay or nay, so I looked at his wife and said “Are you Terri?” Yes, indeed. I had the awesome pleasure of not only meeting Mike and Terri Church tonight, but also of making a complete fool of myself (according to a colleague) fawning over their wonderful book about RVing the north! 😀

I’d made plans with my friends G&F to meet them at Gerties tonight since they leave town tomorrow, but my heart hadn’t really been into it until M walked through that door and brightened my night. I’m not sure how it happened, but it wound up being a whole gang of us going to Gerties; two friends from Australia, G&F who are Chinese studying in Canada, J who is from Halifax, and M who is from Austria. I joked that had J not come, I would have had to use my French-Canadian accent to blend in with the other accents. 😀 We spent about an hour and a half talking and joking over drinks. I was ravenous so I decided to try the vegetarian lasagna, which was a very good deal at $12.95 since the generous portion included Caesar salad and garlic toast.

It seems that bad days have no shortage of good moments, or, perhaps, that good days can be infused with bad moments. 🙂

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Feb 4, 2010 -

Traveling Away From the RV

While this past weekend in Tofino was awesome, there were several instances that reminded me of just why I love to have my RV parked wherever I explore.

Having everything I own on hand

I hadn’t planned on going to the hot springs and wanted to bring minimal baggage since hostel lockers are small. I therefore didn’t have an appropriate day pack, towel, footwear, or attire for the excursion. I ‘made do’ with what I had on hand, but would have enjoyed myself even more had I had my water shoes.

I also didn’t have quite the right clothes with me. I had brought tee-shirts with a light corduroy blouse to wear over top and my rain slicker as a coat. I would have been more comfortable with a three-quarter sleeve length top and the rain slicker only.

Sleeping in my own bed

Sharing a dorm room is something people need to try at least once in their lives so as to truly appreciate the solitude of a private bedroom. The three of us who were there my first two nights (a fourth added herself the third night) had different schedules. One lady was always napping during the day, went to bed early, and got up late. She was always cranky with me for waking her up and on the last night she actually stormed out of the room at 12:30, woke up the manager, and accused me of throwing rocks at her while she slept! I found this out the next morning, having missed the excitement since I was sound asleep.  The other gal also had a strange sleep pattern, but is used to hosteling and was super easy to get along with (she might even stay with me when she makes it up to Dawson this summer!).

Not having to ‘drive home’

I was tired yesterday and had an almost four hour drive ahead of me to get back to Campbell River. I did so at a pretty fast clip since I just wanted to get back to my stuff (thankfully, I’d done everything I wanted to do on the way there!). It made sense, however, to leave the RV in Campbell River since I had to come back there instead of being able to meander somewhere else. Taking Miranda to Tofino and back (never mind the road) would have cost $320 ($200 in gas and $120 in pad rent) while taking the car cost $120 ($60 in gas and $60 in accommodation).

Leaving the cats alone

I left Tabitha and Neelix with two big bowls of water and a big bowl of food, yet everything was empty when I got in. Neelix didn’t pounce on me, so I knew the empty dishes were a very recent phenomenon, but I still felt guilty. Two full days is definitely the longest I would ever leave them alone and I always miss them terribly. They apparently miss me, too, evidenced by all the cuddling I get upon returning!

Being able to cook

I am so glad that a) the hostel had a kitchen and b) that the kitchen was inviting to cook in. Cooking with three or four people in the room sometimes involved doing a bit of a jig, but it was better than the alternative since eating out in Tofino for every meal was just not an option.

There is one major perk to getting away from the RV a couple of times a year: it makes you appreciate home all the more. 🙂

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Feb 3, 2010 -

Hiking Near Ucluelet

I checked out of the hostel this morning and headed to nearby Ucluelet to hike the Wild Pacific Trail. Here’s a map that shows the Tofino and Ucluelet peninsulas well, including some of the hiking stops I made on my trip:


There was nothing else to do in Ucluelet, and this was confirmed by the visitors’ centre. The detour wasn’t a waste of time, however, seeing as the Wild Pacific Trail was one of the most beautiful trails I have ever seen! It takes you through rain forest and along the water front, past gorgeous beaches and rocky shore. The contrasts in landscapes were inspiring.

The trail is an easy 2.5km loop that I think could be considered ‘accessible’ as it is entirely on a gravel path. There are some steep uphill and downhill sections, but I’d consider the trail a ‘stroll’ rather than a ‘hike.’

I headed home around noon and pulled in around 3, driving straight through. It’s been a great weekend!

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