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Mar 16, 2013 -

Securing Things For RV Travel

Okay, so I sort of lied this morning in that I am thinking about departure, but not in an, “OMG THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO!” mode, rather in a “Let’s see if I can make this departure thing even easier” mode.

I’m going around the rig and putting things where they belong. Whatever else is out is stuff that I would put on the bed in the back or in one of the sinks when I travel. I eliminated the sink storage by adding storage near the bathroom vanity and with a new kitchen cabinet.

The study isn’t too bad, really. I rearranged my overhead cabinets (AGAIN) to eliminate the basket on the desk and the computers go into their cases and storage place on travel day. All that was left were the keyboard, which is destined to always travel on the bed, and the garbage bucket, which fits neatly on one corner of the desk and usually remains there during travel:


Why bother coming up with a way to secure it? It’s light, so if it moves, no big deal, it won’t damage anything. But what if I forget to empty it before I take off? Why not eliminate having to think about it?

All it took was a cup hook:


Incidentally, this garbage bucket is a good example of a multi-use item since I use it to hold my cleaning solution when I wash the cabinets or the floors.

Getting the inside ready for departure is at most a 10-minute deal now and I think I can cut that down even further with added tweaks.

The next challenge is the kitchen cubbies. I put some non-skid material under them, but still have to figure out a way to keep the drawers from opening without running the unit or making it fiddly. At this point, I’m thinking bungee cords, which is not ideal, but I’m tired of having to turn the unit around to face the wall when I travel, especially since I usually forget to do that and have a mess on my hands when I arrive. I tried to eliminate them from the kitchen, but they are just too useful and so I am left with finding a better way to make them work in travel mode.

A good home is never done…

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Mar 5, 2013 -

Walmart Scavenger Hunt

My latest Walmart list was very eclectic, so I knew it would take a lot of time to fill. I decided to wait until I had both the time in an afternoon to go and wander and the need to get out of the rig. This afternoon was the day; the pantry was very bare!

I spent over an hour wandering the aisles trying to figure out where things might be. Hardware? Toys? Electronics? Cleaning Supplies? I found all but two things, a little cabinet for the office and matches, which were not in the camping supplies. So I’m stumped and wonder if Walmart carries any. I don’t mean the flimsy cardboard kind smokers use, but sturdy wooden ones for lighting fires.

One thing I did find surprised me, a three-drawer cabinet that was almost exactly the right size to put in an overhead cabinet in the study to hold paper supplies:


I wish it was just a little wider to hold the legal sized file folders, but this was a nice find, and was just $12.

I decided to head to ACE Hardware to see if they might have a hardware cabinet for my office. Office desktop drawers are not the right dimensions for what I had in mind and crazy pricy, hence my thought to look at a hardware store. I’ve been storing my supplies like pens, Post-It notes, and highlighters in my desk drawers, which is a really poor use of space. I never know what I have, so I tend to overbuy.

I had a vision of a desktop shallow, long, and low cabinet with tons and tons of drawers exactly the right size for all my supplies.

Kind of like this:


The drawers are about an inch too short for writing implements, but I can store those things diagonally. Everything else fits perfectly. There wasn’t a single thing I wanted to store in it that doesn’t fit and I even have room for things that I didn’t think would fit (like my stapler). I screwed it to the wall. On a less windy day (ha ha ha ha) I am going to remove all the drawers, take the casing outside, and give it a couple of coats of dark brown paint.

(Thank you Mr. ACE Hardware guy who got the dang thing off a very high shelf and provided a variety of office supplies to test the dimensions while making me feel like a valued customer.)

Now, I have room in my desk drawers for my headset, label maker, scanner, and a bunch of other stuff. This little cabinet was $20 very well spent and is a good use of desktop real estate space!

While at ACE, I remembered to have the truck key copied so that I have a spare… but I forgot the matches. Dang!

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Jan 27, 2013 -

More Paint Touch Ups

Today, I decided to push ahead with the paint touch up project. The green in the office was the most pressing as there was a lot of damage to the walls from the installation of the new desk. I gently sanded the worst of the marks, then applied a couple of coats to the bad spots. There is still visible damage, but at least the colour is uniform.

Then, I pulled out the pink paint for the dressing room. Incidentally, that’s the pink that made me fall in love with pink. Until I fell upon that colour, I loathed pink. You’d never guess that now! I would love to repaint the dressing room in a shinier finish paint, but I’ll never be able to match the current colour exactly, so I prefer to do touch ups, most of which involved painting some of the new trim my mother installed. Most of the trim in the rig is brown, but if it’s on a coloured wall, then I paint it to match the wall.


Muuuuuuuch better.

The next colour I’m pulling out is the golden brown. That will be a rig-wide job that will warrant taking out a roller. And then priming the new wall. And then, the biggie, which is the yellow. I want to completely empty the front room, wash the walls really well, and do two coats over what’s already there and four coats over the new wall. I’m not touching the loft, however!

It’s only 1:30PM, so you’d think I could take the brown out today, but it’s just too dark in here to do a good job. The rain hasn’t come and I doubt it will, but the sky is very overcast. It’s windy out and quite cool. My after lunch beach walk was short!


The clouds were very dark this morning, but have lightened up.


I don’t think I’ll ever find anything more random washed up on a beach anywhere.

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