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Mar 23, 2013 -

Mission San José and Mission Concepción, San Antonio

The gals I had lunch with on Thursday strongly suggested I start my tour of the area with a visit to at least one of the missions near San Antonio so as to get a better idea of the historical context of the Alamo.

I was going going to go out today, having woken up to super overcast and coldish conditions, but the sky was clear by noon and I was itching to get outside.

I started with Mission San José because it is the best restored and it has a visitors’ centre, guided tours, and a movie (all free, including parking!). From there, I went to Mission Concepción because it is the best preserved. There were a few others to see, but I did not feel compelled to tour them.

Briefly, the Missions were established by Spanish Franciscan friars in the 18th century as settlements to teach the south Texas Indians how to be Spanish citizens. This was how Spain established its presence in the area. If it couldn’t populate it with real Spaniards, then it would create new Spaniards.

The Indian tribes were being attacked from the north by Comanches, Apaches, and other plains nations who had horses. From the south came a wave of European illnesses. The south Texans accepted their bitter fate and that sometimes the only way to survive is to surrender. They went to live in the missions and learned the Spanish way of life, the language, and the religion, Roman Catholicism.

The missions were eventually secularized and turned over to their inhabitants. Some fell to the wayside and others, like the Alamo, were used by the military.

The architecture of the missions was exquisite! I’m glad I watched the movie, Gente de razon (literally, people of reason, but actually human beings), which talks about the fate of the Indians and how they live on as the Tejano people.

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Mar 22, 2013 -

Flexible Plans

Bah, it’s another grey morning in San Antonio! I am almost 40AH down! I’m holding steady thanks to my solenoid, but I’m hoping that tomorrow’s promised sun materializes!

Looking at the forecast trends for the next several weeks, I am really not eager to start pushing north so I am once again revising my itinerary. Caroline will probably not be in Austin when I go through there, so I have decided not to stop in Texas’ capital on the way north. That said, Austin is only about an hour and a half from here. So as long as there is no problem with extending my stay here, I will probably visit Austin on a day trip and remain in Von Ormy longer than planned.

My route north takes me right through Dallas and I’ve decided that I simply cannot drive through there without visiting the Dealey Plaza! I’ve spent too much time researching and theorizing about the JFK assassination to not actually get on the ground there and see if my theories hold water.

So the plan now is to watch the weather in Wichita. As soon as it starts trending with days above zero, I will head north, and then hunker down there until it feels safe to push on… as long as L is home as he has travel plans in April. I hope we don’t miss each other! 🙁

I am beginning to think that I will likely end up doing a cannonball run to Canada at the very end of April or even beginning of May instead of a more leisurely pace that allows for sightseeing. Having to travel in the shoulder seasons sucks! 🙁

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Mar 21, 2013 -

Lunch With RVing Ladies

Reader longdog2 invited me to lunch with several other RVing ladies today. I left Von Ormy at 11:40, got to Selma in plenty of time for our 12:30 meeting, and didn’t leave until 5:30! When we RVers get gabbing, we’re serious about it! 😀

It’s always lovely to meet fellow RVers, be they full-timers, part-timers, or complete newbies. It never ceases to amaze me how ‘being RVers’ is enough of a common thread to make age, lifestyle, and other differences insignificant.

Lunch was at Cheddar’s Casual Café, another nice U.S. chain with a good menu and low prices.

I was given a few suggestions on what to see in the area, so I am beginning to put together a sightseeing plan. I drove through San Antonio on I-35 today and, well, there was nothing but concrete to see. I look forward to a better glimpse of the city. 🙂

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