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Nov 27, 2010 -

Good Deals

Today’s project was to come home with a dehumidifier. I’d done my online research as to what was available to me and Canadian Tire had the best prices, with two brands, Lancanster and Whirlpool. My experience with Lancaster heaters is that the brand is crap, so Whirlpool it was. Store availability in Penticton was nil for Whirlpool, while Kelowna had a few available. I really didn’t relish the four hour round trip drive, but I’m not going to get any further in the renos without reducing the dampness in here.

The Penticton Canadian Tire is right on the route to Kelowna, so I decided to stop in there first, just in case the online inventory was wrong. Well, they had a unit set aside for pick up by store closure yesterday and only just put back on the shelf!

Whirlpool 35 pint dehumidifier

I couldn’t believe my good fortune! While in the store, I also got some tinted window film for the loft. There was a sale going on and the store was swamped, but I had no problem getting customer service the three times I needed it today. I thought I’d crossed over into the Twilight zone. Seems like there are some Canadian Tires with decent service.

The dehumidifier is going to kill the proverbial two birds. My mini conduction heater, Lancaster brand, has died. A dehumidifier also gives off heat, so what I will do is move the big, good quality, heater to the study and use the dehumidifier to heat the front of the rig. As an added bonus, the dehumidifier draws a maximum of 500W, meaning my amp usage will drop from 6.25 to 4. Every amp counts!

The next thing on my list was a new computer chair. I tried out all the chairs at Staples last time I was in Penticton, fell in love with one that was on sale, and made the mistake of thinking I could order it online to have it delivered. Turns out, it’s a discontinued model not available on line. I went back and the chair was still there, but at full price this time, $239, vs. the $169 it was at last time. So, I went through all the chairs in my price range again, but couldn’t find one I liked. I was narrowing down the choices when an associate finally came over to check on me and I explained what I was looking for. She took me directly to the chair I liked! I shook my head at the price and she said “We’ve only got two left and we want them gone. How about $98, plus tax, assembled?”


Ahem. I told her “Sold!” and happily wheeled the chair down to the car where I had fun squeezing it into the front seat.

I ran a few more errands and then headed home, absolutely exhausted. The holiday shopping season has commenced, so I will be staying out of stores until early 2011!

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Oct 17, 2009 -

Back on the Horse

As promised, Miranda was ready to go by 10 on Thursday. She’d undergone an oil change, thorough mechanical inspection, and been washed. I hooked up without fanfare and slowly drove out of there.

In my exploration of Pemberton, I had concluded that the AC Petroleum gas station was the most RV friendly, so I went there to fill up and then across the road to the information centre next to which there is a sani-dump and a potable water tap.

It had rained all morning, but the sky had really cleared up, and I had ideal conditions for getting back on the proverbial horse as I drove out of Pemberton. There was one hill with a steep grade and a couple of hairpin turns that was going to make or break me. I approached it bravely, heart in my throat, geared down, and got down safely, having to tap my brakes only once. They held up fine. 😀

I was caught in a bit of conundrum, time-wise. It was too late to get to Horseshoe Bay, grab a ferry, and arrive at Croft’s place in daylight, but it was much too early to stop for the day. I decided to stop at the Starbucks near the Canadian Tire in Squamish to do some online stuff then go park at Shannon Falls to hike and kill a few hours before pulling into the Walmart for the night.

There was no really convenient place to park at the Canadian Tire, so I took up a bunch of spots and tried to make myself as inconspicuous as possible, but I ended up not feeling comfortable enough there to stay as long as I could have on the Starbucks connection. So, after a catch up session with Will and a quick check of my email I proceeded to Shannon Falls Park.

There, I paid the 3$ day parking fee, squared Miranda away, and went off to explore the falls and trail network. It was a nice way to wile away a few hours, but I was exhausted and ready to stop for the day.

Three o’clock is too early in my book to park at Walmart for the night, but I decided to make an exception to my rule provided the Walmart folks were okay with overnight RVers. The Walmart in Squamish is really not set up for big vehicles, so I wound up having to park almost in the middle of the lot, taking up a full row of spots. When I came out of the rig and saw a Walmart employee coming up towards me, I figured that he was going to tell me to get lost. But no, he just came over to save me the trouble of going in to ask for permission to park and to let me know that I was parked fine!

The long evening passed quickly as I watched movies and set off on a three hour marathon blog post writing session in eager anticipation of being able to post with pictures. I went into the Walmart a few times to get various sundries and the fourth time the greeter told me “I know you’re parked in that motorhome. Don’t feel obliged to spend the night in here!” LOL!

It wound up being a pretty good night in Squamish, quiet and reasonably dark by Walmart standards. It started to rain in the wee hours of the morning.

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Oct 17, 2009 -

Making Lemonade

Miranda was slated for brake surgery Wednesday and it would be an all day procedure. How lucky was I that the work could be completed right away? I met a lot of people over the summer who were stranded in small towns for weeks while waiting for parts. Mine, however, were readily available and en route just a few short hours after my arrival at Olemotors. As it turns out, some incorrect parts were received, but the correct ones were available in Whistler, 30km away, so the mechanic dashed there and back to get them, as well as a new tire, barely delaying the work. So, so, so lucky…

Having a day to kill and being a nervous wreck about the 130km still left before I got to Horseshoe Bay, I took off in the toad at first light and drove all the way to West Vancouver! The drive was sinuous, but nothing like the section from Cache Creek to Pemberton and I felt much better about pulling out with Miranda the next day.

It rained the whole way down but slowly started to clear up around noon so I decided to stop in Whistler, a ski resort town that will be hosting several Olympic events this winter. I wouldn’t have done so had I whipped by with Miranda, but I decided that I might as well play the tourist since I had all that time to kill.

This being the off season, Whistler was an eerie ghost town. The village, where all the shops and restaurants are, was very beautiful, but I had a hard time finding an substance, or sustenance.  I came away glad that I checked it down, but even gladder that I wouldn’t have missed anything had I just whipped by with Miranda. One thing that did impress me was the significant amount of free parking on the outskirts of the village. Whistler is definitely a town that encourages walking and there are a lot of places that are only accessible on foot.

It was mid-afternoon when I got back to Olemotors where work was just resuming after the dash for parts and would continue for a few more hours. I dashed out to the coffee shop for some time and also hung out in the break room at the garage. The brake job was completed by about 6PM, to my surprise, and Miranda was parked for me back in her spot outside. There were just a couple of hours worth of work left to be done; I would be able to roll out by 10AM the next morning.

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