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Jun 4, 2011 -

An Electricity Quiz

Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if a sleepy person got up one morning, decided it was cold, turned a heater on full blast, and got to work microwaving and toasting her breakfast?

If you said “That person would blow a breaker” you are correct!

This time, it was a shore power breaker. I can’t find the breaker box in the garage for the plug to which the rig is connected, so I haven’t had any 120V power all day. What a hardship! Not. 😀 I charged my computer through the inverter and it’s been so sunny that my batteries are fully charged.

I love not having to rely on shore power!

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May 7, 2010 -

Toad Gymnastics Ahead

I pulled into the Walmart in Whitehorse and was about to unhook when ‘something’ told me not to. As it turned out, the toad would not start, something I discovered when the key fob wouldn’t lock the doors.

It seems like the battery is completely depleted. How I did that between Watson and Whitehorse is beyond me, but, then again, the car hasn’t run in a week other than when I unhooked and moved it around in Prince George and at Nugget City.

At any rate, I knew I wasn’t going to get a moment’s rest tonight unless I confirmed that the issue was a dead battery that would be solved with a boost. It made no sense to go through all the trouble of unhooking, jockeying the RV in position to boost the toad, doing a boost, and then manoeuvring the RV to rehook up when the battery wouldn’t really be recharged until I ran it a good long while. So, I flagged down a good samaritan who took five minutes out of her day to do the test and that confirmed it.

As it turns out, the campground I want to stay at is opening tomorrow (!!!) and it apparently has some pull throughs. So, I will go there, pull through a site, unhook, boost the toad, leave the toad running while I move the RV into another site, and then recharge en route to where I’m heading.

In other news, there’s a circa 1986 Royal Classic sharing the Walmart parking lot with me tonight! The owner came by to see how I like mine and asked if I had the same battery set up as him and, if so, if I had any tips for him. Unfortunately no, and no.

Since I’m here with walking access to both a Walmart and a Canadian Tire I went through my list of stuff I need to bring and realised that I was missing something vital!!! I bought a new water hose and a new water pressure regulator, but forgot to grab the third key component to my fresh water system. I ran out last week in Campbell River. This item costs all of sixty-nine cents (plus tax) and is, of course, Teflon. 🙂

While at the CDN Tire I ran into my cousin’s boyfriend, how funny is that?! We’ll be meeting up in July when I make a run back down to Whitehorse for a supply top up.

Last, but not least, I decided that, really, I hadn’t bought enough toilet paper and I went to stock up. Rationing the stuff is no fun and it is outrageously expensive in Dawson! 😀

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May 5, 2010 -

Tough Decisions

I spoke with a glass tech this morning and my worst fear was confirmed, Miranda needs a new windshield. Estimate is $750 to $1,000. They don’t have a windshield here in Fort St John, but there is one in Fort Nelson. All well and good, but getting that kind of money is going to take me a week, as add a week’s worth of campground fees to the estimate. He said that he’d take a chance and drive it to Dawson and back to Whitehorse in the fall for the replacement. The odds of getting another rock like that are slim, but the odds of the cracks spreading are good; one of them definitely spread over night (it went down to minus 5!). My visibility isn’t affected, so that’s one good thing.

At this point, I feel so sick I can’t even think. I know this needs to be done now, I just can’t figure out how it’s going to happen NOW.

Post edited to add:

I’ve decided to move on to Fort Nelson and re-evaluate. I will check in again soon as I can.

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