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Dec 14, 2010 -

Better Than Two Years Ago

We hit plus seven today!!!!! It was sunny earlier, but the fog is rolling back in. No matter, I feel revitalized!

We’re heading into a subzero week, but nothing worrisome so far, with nothing lower than minus five overnight, which is what we’ve been hitting most nights. To put that into perspective, the only heat I’ve had on for several days now is the one electric heater. I set the furnace thermostat to 15 at night and 20 during the day and it doesn’t kick on. Feels nice!

Two years ago at this time, we were just starting the bitter stretch that contributed to my decision to flee Oliver, not just the RV park I was working at. So far, this winter has been fine, even with that horrible stretch in November. We’ve had some snow, but it always melts. I’m not happy with the fog and bleakness, but I can deal.

Add together the reasonably satisfactory weather, an RV park I really enjoy, and a post office staffed by cheery clerks and I’m so far not regretting my return to the Okanagan. I feel so far away from the bleak nastiness of Oliver that I could be three hours away instead of just thirty minutes away.

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Sep 27, 2010 -

Matters of Income

Oh, I was born to be retired! 😀

It’s been such a lovely couple of days, what with the good weather and lack of schedule. I’m slowly catching up on things at home and have reorganized the study into a place where I might actually be able to be productive. One thing that amuses me is that after a year and a half on an evening and late-night schedule, I’ve been an early bird for over a week! I know it won’t last, these phases never do, but I’m feeling a tad turned around!

Income-wise, I’ve applied for a few contracts, was accepted as an article writer for suite101.com, and visited the Osoyoos employment office. The setup is exactly as it was two years ago in Oliver, advertising jobs that I can find online, in addition to picking positions that are not going to be worth my while. I’m fairly convinced that I’ll be wasting my time looking for a job at a physical location and am focusing on online contracts. I’m only committed to being here two to four months and will be taking a week off in November, so that makes me look even less desirable to potential employers. I will look for a cashier-type job when the holidays come around, if I’m still in Osoyoos then.

Also, this time around I don’t have RV park management expecting 60+ hours a week in exchange for a site (*cough, cough*) so I am expanding the search radius to Pentiction for professional-type jobs that would be worth the commuting time and expense.

One of the things I’ve learned about earning income on the road is that I’m better off having a bunch of small contracts than a single full-time job. This gives me more security in that if one contract falls through I still have some income and it allows me to pretty much set my own schedule. This latter part is especially important since it means that if I find a short-term lucrative project, I can take it on by shuffling my other commitments without worrying about the full-time job that’s eating up all my time.

There are still three weeks left before I hit desperate status, so I’m just going to chill, work my contacts, and enjoy pretending that I don’t have a care in the world. 😀

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Sep 24, 2010 -

Fear and Loathing in the Okanagan

It wasn’t until I passed Oliver town limits this morning that I realised just how much I loathe that town and had no desire to come back to this part of Canada.

I know that ‘loathe’ is a loaded and serious word, but I do not use it lightly. Other than the friendships I made, nothing good came out of that place and I am a worse person for having been there. Since then, I have found myself to be wary of people in a way that is completely unjustifiable. I have been treated so well by so many since I hit the road, but the experience in Oliver poisoned my mind. I can barely recognize who I was while I was there and I know I am not the same person who pulled into that town just a little over two years ago.

In some respects, the changes are good. I’m more self-assertive and take much better care of myself, but in others the changes are devastating. I’m so wary of people’s intentions now and so much less willing to work hard and pitch in without a clear job definition and remuneration agreement.

It’s been two years and I’m still ‘not over it.’ Perhaps this winter in Osoyoos will help me pass through whatever mental obstacles I need to pass through. This RV park will probably be a refuge: it is beautiful and a good distance from the southern part of Osoyoos so I do not feel like I am even remotely in familiar surroundings. I don’t want to say too much lest I spoil surprises for Donna, so I’ll share pictures when she gets here. 🙂

The game plan now is to take the weekend off, tidy up the rig, and then start looking for income on Monday. I have a head start on that this time around in that I know that going to the wineries and handing out resumes on foot is a waste of time. Instead, I’ll head straight for the employment office and see what’s available. I’d really rather find contracts than a job so that I can have better control over my time this fall, especially since I’m flying to Montreal for a week on November 4th and I also have a lot of stuff to put together for that thing that’s coming up that I still can’t talk about.

I’m hopeful that coming back here was not a terrible mistake and will instead help me to close one of the darker chapters of my life. Knowing that I will literally be surrounded by friends soon enough makes all the difference.

That, and a pool. 😀

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