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Jan 22, 2011 -

Bright and Sunshiney

Now, the dining room. I’d like yellow. Not just yellow; a very gay yellow. Something bright and sunshine-y. I tell you, Mr. PeDelford, if you’ll send one of your men to the grocer for a pound of their best butter, and match that exactly, you can’t go wrong! Myrna Loy, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Whew, I got a coat of paint on both the walls and the cabinetry. I really over estimated how much more yellow I was going to need, so I may end up doing a third coat!It’s amazing what a little colour can do. Soon as I got the first brush stroke of yellow on the kitchen walls, it was as though I had a new rig.

I realised something today. My childhood bedroom was very dark and masculine with hunter green walls, burgundy furniture, and ochre accessories to brighten things up. What do I have now as a colour scheme? The exact same thing, but brighter and in more feminine tones! A slightly more grassy green, rose, and a lemony yellow. I haven’t changed as much as I like to think I have!

And wait till you see what I did to the peninsula. This place is really coming together!

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Jan 22, 2011 -

Second to Last Priming


I forced myself out of bed at ten this morning to get so I could go to town early and pick up the paint I ordered yesterday. I came home and went straight to finishing the prep: sanding, washing with TSP, and rinsing. Then, I primed everything that still needs to be painted except the trim and the doors.

I was about halfway through when I began to get some serious hunger pangs, but I ignored them since I hate to stop in the middle of a project. I wanted to hang in there then go out to get some groceries including a frozen pizza for dinner since my kitchen is less than functional. Next thing I knew, my beloved neighbour came home from work and handed me lunch through a window. Talk about drive-through service! Thank, thank you, thank you to my sandwich faery!

Here’s a glimpse of what the peninsula looks like right now:

I didn’t remove that door because of how difficult it was to hang. The corner where the hinges are isn’t visible in the least, so I’ll leave it unpainted. Paint is a great equalizer; the peninsula is going to look great once it’s done instead of being an eyesore of mismatched finishes. I’ll also be able to add the door pulls, which will make accessing my new cabinets so much easier!

Now, I’m debating whether I’m done for the day or if I just need a break. I could get a head start on the cabinetry painting at least, but I’m too burned out at this point to promise myself that!

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Dec 16, 2010 -

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Last month, I reached a breaking point in regards to litter box maintenance. I’ve been struggling with Tabitha for a couple of years and it was getting unmanageable. I tried to switch the litter to the silica type and that worked for a while, but if I didn’t do a full change and clean of the box every three or four days, she’d avoid the box. The only thing that would satisfy her was scooping multiple times a day and the silica wasn’t doing much because it absorbed the liquid without enabling me to scoop it out daily. I had to go back to clumping clay and scooping at least four times daily. Yuck.

If changing the litter type hadn’t worked, what about looking at the pan options?

‘Self-cleaning’ litter boxes really appealed to me, but they are very expensive and require power. I also think they would make it very easy to get lax about maintenance. So, I decided to go with the two-box method for a while, never mind finding a place for two cat boxes in 125 square feet! I spent some time in the cat aisle at Zellers and selected a pan when I noticed a pretty light green and beige box on the top shelf. I pulled it down and saw that there was a scoop in the top of it and a grate inside. Curious.

This pan was an Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box:


You need to put litter in the shallow part of the pan, and then you roll the box to get the clumps into the scoop, which can then be dumped into a bag. It sounded way too good to be true, but, at $40, it wasn’t that much more expensive than a basic box and it was aesthetically pleasing.

When I got home, I found a Youtube video for how to use it:

And then another one by an actual user:

This box has changed mine and my cats’ lives.

First thing in the morning, I give the box a roll and dump the contents into a small bag. I do the same thing after dinner before my trash run. I sometimes do a mid-day roll if my nose tells me it’s warranted. The box is always fresh and there is no dirty litter in it. That means that anything that Neelix kicks out isn’t sticky and gross and he smells better. Tabitha finds the bathroom is always clean and she’s happy to use it. I don’t have to wrestle with clips to remove the top of the box and find a place to store a dirty slotted scooper. The only negative is that this box is so easy that I have to schedule myself a reminder to check the litter levels!

The box is quite a bit bigger than the average litter box and you need place to roll it around. I put it in the library, between the counter and the bookcase, floor space that wouldn’t have served for much anyway and the box is pretty enough to not look too offensive.

Since switching to this box, I’ve learned that you can’t put more than three or four inches of litter in at a time, or you’ll end up getting too much ‘clean’ litter in the scoop with the waste. So, you do need to top up the litter more often than you do with a traditional box. Small negative!

The Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box is worth every penny I paid for it and I’m glad I didn’t give up trying to find a better way to deal with a most unpleasant chore.

Check out my review of the Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box.

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