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Mar 30, 2010 -

A Cozy Nest

Working on the loft this afternoon, I realised that I’ve never taken a ‘while I’m living here’ shot of the ‘room’! It doesn’t look like much, but it really is just a place for sleeping. I do have plans to gussy it up a tad once I get on to the decorating part of the renos.

I love using the old dinette cushions as window coverings. They do need some sizing adjustments, however. Since they do not touch the walls or windows at all, I have not had any problems with them causing condensation problems. The one at the foot of the bed rests on the mattress and leans against the window valance. The two on the long side are wedged in tightly between the mattress and the ceiling and also rest against a window valance. At the head of the bed, I shake things up a tad. I have been storing my suitcase up there since I hit the road and I can’t imagine a better place for it. It blocks the window and serves as a headboard of sorts. I just put it up on some 2×4’s to keep it off the floor and it, too, rests against a valance. The final dinette cushion sits in front of it and I can lean against it to read in bed. Books, writing implements, and tissues rest on the suitcase. I have a light within easy reach and a clock beside it. At night, I pull the curtain shut and in the morning I open it to survey my domain. A prettier and more opaque fabric will be in order when I redecorate; the current one is a bit too ‘hospital’ for my taste!

There are some who might find my nest a bit too ‘cozy’ (ie. claustrophobic) for their tastes, but I love it up there! I just feel so safe and warm. I slept in an elevated bed for most of my childhood, so I think loving my loft is just part of who I am.

Since I took the dinette benches apart I have been climbing up and down using a step ladder and the top of the captain’s chair. I’m really looking forward to getting a proper ladder and that is going to be tomorrow’s project; I’ve even started cutting the wood for it!

A shout out goes out to my friend who crocheted the afghan for me nine years ago (already!). It’ll fit in just fine with my decorating plans. While I go for lighter shades now, my colours of choice haven’t changed a bit!

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Mar 28, 2010 -

Tunnel Vision

Today’s project was satisfying. There’s just no other way to describe it. It came together exactly as envisioned and looks even better. Can’t ask for more!

I built the ‘tunnel’ for the furnace duct which doubles as a base for the bookcase. I knew I had the right idea in mind for materials when I discovered that I had exactly the right amount of laminate flooring left, with no need to piece together scraps to get the right lengths. I was even able to put to use a mismatched piece (‘birch’ rather than ‘oak’; I just used it for the wall of the tunnel that’s against the wall of the RV and not visible). Thank goodness I had that piece, even if it was mismatched!

There will be a need for trim (isn’t there always 😀 ), but you can hardly tell in the pictures:

The duct was originally covered in a similar manner and I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. The only difference is that the new tunnel is about three inches wider since I didn’t want to cut the boards length-wise:

two floors and seventeen months ago!

I hope the bookcase is secure! I have four screws going into studs. I didn’t originally have to secure it since it was wedged in tightly between the bucket chairs:

Tomorrow, I will be building the ladder and then, trim not withstanding, the front room and major renos will be DONE. Unbelievable! There is still a ton of work to do, but I truly do think the worst is behind me. Famous last words… 😀

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Mar 23, 2010 -

Yet Another ‘I Changed My Mind About the Dishwasher!’ Post

But it’s in!!!!

Croft’s reaction to that was “did you check out the functions of the dishwasher where it is placed before you made it permanent?” I had to laugh because I have been testing the dishwasher in numerous positions on top of the counter. My initial idea has ended up working out just fine, only I couldn’t centre the dishwasher on the counter because of hose length.

I thought to secure the dishwasher with angle brackets and then slide it in between them, then realised that the front needed to be secured, too! The obvious answer to that was to mount the brackets to pieces of wood into which I would screw a frontal piece when the dishwasher was in. Great, there would go a few hours while I ripped plywood into suitable lengths. First, though, I went through my own scrap pile to see if I might have something better than plywood and lo and behold, I had the perfect thing, salvaged from the front of the dinette seats!

It’s definitely time for pictures. 🙂

I am very happy that I was able to orientate the dishwasher this way. It’s the best position for loading an unloading and leaves me with a lot more counter space for prep work.

The installation feels very secure; we’ll see if it passes the road test. 🙂

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