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Oct 2, 2010 -

Prepping the Dressing Room

Today’s big project is to get the dressing room ready for painting. I had some decisions to make and chose to not paint, in addition to all the ‘oak’-style cabinetry:

-the trim since I’m not happy with it (weird angles, remember?);

-the door into the toilet room and the pocket door;

-the wardrobe doors.

First off was to remove the last super ugly towel holder as well as a hook that has not been useful since I installed the cloth dresser:

the white things underneath are Command hanging strips that held up a picture that will be going right back in that spot.

At some point in the last two years, a piece of wall trim covering a corner was broken. I removed the whole thing and debated how to fix it. The obvious solution was to get a piece of 90 degree wooden trim, but the rough edge that needed to be covered didn’t seem that bad. I decided to try filling it with wall repair compound. I have a small bucket of it, more than I’ll ever get through before it goes dry, so it’s a cheap experiment.

in progress


Finally, it was time to do away with the hideous cloth-covered pocket door lintel:


That's it?! I've been living with this eyesore for two years and all it was hiding was a few screw holes?!

When I last examined the lintel, I thought it was glued on. Turns out, fabric was glued to a piece of cardboard that was screwed to the lintel. Don’t ask me why; the non-cloth covered version would have looked a million times nicer! Unfortunately, the lintel is made of a cardboard-type material, so the screws created protrusions that are impossible to sand flat. I did the best I could, then filled the holes with wall compound.

Once the wall compound dries and I can sand it, I’ll wash the walls with TSP, then start taping. I should be able to prime tomorrow and then paint on Monday, provided the paint looks as good on the wall as it does on the can.

Before anyone asks, how am I going to paint the wall to which I secured the cloth dresser?

Remove drawers, then lift and clamp:

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Sep 28, 2010 -

Domestic Bliss

It’s amazing how long the days are when you don’t have to waste time at a job. Even after I’ve done as many billable hours as I can, worked some leads, and caught up on my bookkeeping, there’s still time to clean the rig, take walks, go swimming, and be silly with the cats. At the rate I’m going, I might actually finish the toilet room and get the dressing room done! I also have a library project I’m itching to get to, in addition to desperately needing new window coverings for the study.

The weather today wasn’t as nice as the last few; very windy and overcast, and it only went into the high teens (*cough, cough*), but still nice enough to throw open windows and roof hatches. I even had the front door open all day, something I didn’t do once this summer, and which delighted Neelix who loves to lie on the landing and stare through the screen door.

I just love being home; there’s no better place to be!

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Sep 11, 2010 -

Last Trip to the Free Store

I went to the free store this afternoon not to ‘shop’ but to drop off yet another large basket of clothes and other items. It’s been a great summer for decluttering and while I still have more to do, I’m just about ready to completely take the rig apart and reorganize it.

I’ve made serious inroads into mastering the dang wardrobe and am proud that I gave away about twice as much clothes this summer as I brought home. I did manage to score a full new wardrobe for less than $20 this year, which made it easier to give away older pieces I was tired of wearing.

I'm happy to report that the wardrobe now looks 100 times better than this!

Next up on the list is to go through my books. I have so many free sources for books in Dawson that it’s been easy to go overboard and bring home more than I’ll ever have time to read. With my iPod Touch doubling as an e-reader, there’s no sense in keeping anything but the most special print books on hand.

I expect to have a lot of time on my hands in October, so more decluttering, organizing, and decorating will be my priorities when I’m not working. After working seven days a week for four months, it’ll be nice to have time to get back on track with my homekeeping duties!

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