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Feb 24, 2010 -

Moving Stuff Around

It’s funny how one organizing solution can snowball into a massive reorganization project.

No, I’m not talking about the new dresser. I’m talking about the pocket organizer!

As I suspected, I have way more pockets than I have stuff to put into the pockets. So, I decided to move the cleaning supplies from under the sink to the pocket organizer to make the laundry supplies more accessible by putting them under the sink. They were previously in the cabinet under the wardrobe. This frees up the cabinet under the wardrobe for shoes, which are currently piled on my lounge floor, after being pulled out of their very unuseful spot in a basement storage bin.

(Are you yet as exhausted as I am?! 😀 )

While I’m moving all this stuff around, I’m also gathering clothes from the far reaches of the rig and either putting it into the new drawers, in a pile for laundry, or in a pile for donation. Ms. Tabitha felt a need to help, of course:

I’m at one of those points where I’m trying to decide who I am now. For all but, oh, two or three years, of my life I didn’t really care about clothes or how I looked. Then, I started to get disposable income and that all changed. The house I rented before moving into Miranda was huge, I had money to spend, I had girlfriends to go shopping with, and my favourite store was on the ground floor of my office building. I had a whole closet devoted to skirts, one to tops, two coat closets, a shoe closet, and several dressers for accessories. And, yes, I wore everything! It was so easy to see what I had and when I started to run out of room, I’d donate the least favourite pieces.

Now, I have a wardrobe that’s half the size of the smallest closet I had in that house, plus the cloth dresser, the drawer under the wardrobe, and the cupboard under the drawer. I started RVing by rotating my clothing seasonally, but that just didn’t work out. I’d find myself in places where the weather turned rapidly and without easy access to the right clothes.

I decided that the only stuff that was going under the rig was the truly cold weather exterior gear and everything else had to fit inside. The wardrobe at present is divided into thirds and I’m using every trick I can to maximize space, like putting more than one thing on a hanger.

So, who am I now? The slob who doesn’t care what she looks like or the clotheshorse? I’m, unfortunately, a clotheshorse who cares what she looks like who is dressed like slob. It’s just so much easier to pull out a pair of sneakers, jeans, and top than it is to find tights and nice shoes. I’m therefore working very hard at getting as much of the ‘slob’ clothes and footwear out of here and making the ‘nice’ stuff more accessible.  It’s still hard to distill my wardrobe down to just a few outfits because of the variety of things that I do. If I ever manage to work 100% for myself, then it will be much easier to really reduce how many clothes I need.

Well, back to work!

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Feb 19, 2010 -

RV Bathroom Organization

I’m blessed with an RV bathroom that has a decent amount of storage. The cabinet over the vanity has plenty of space for bottles and small containers, and there is a decent amount of space under the sink, too. What’s missing are drawers to hold all the little pieces a woman tends to accumulate in her bathroom, from hair accoutrements to nail files. I’ve been using a plastic storage bin by the shower, but that space has slowly been encroached upon by clothing and I want to replace that ugly plastic thing with a proper dresser.

From almost day one, I knew exactly what I needed to perfect the storage in the bathroom, but finding the item was incredibly difficult. It needed to be see-through and preferably mesh rather than vinyl or plastic. I couldn’t find a see-through one, never mind mesh, and I started to just look for long slender boxes to fit into the over-sink cabinet.

While wandering aimlessly around Liquidation World today after looking at their furniture offerings, I found IT!!! And for just $10 to boot.

I’ll need to make some adjustments since it’s a bit too big for the space, but behold the ‘over door pocket organizer’!

I’ve obviously set it up so that the pockets face into the toilet room so as to not spoil the aesthetics of the dressing room.

It’s made to hang on hooks that go around the top and bottom of the door, but once I make the necessary nips and tucks I will screw the organizer to the door so that it lies more neatly and also to not have those hooks protruding on the other side.

If your RV has a solid wood door, this is an excellent storage option.

Having found the pocket organizer, I’ll be able to move all the bathroom stuff out of the storage tower and move clothes into it. Hopefully, I’ll find a dresser soon. A very helpful guy at Home Depot told me to poke around the website seeing as some things available in larger stores could possibly be shipped to Campbell River. And while at Home Depot, I figured out exactly what I’m going to do to reduce some of the condensation problems in both the study and the loft. Stay tuned for the next riveting chapter of Extreme Makeover: RV Edition! 🙂

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Feb 19, 2010 -

Dressing Room Allure Sneak Peek

Once again, please pardon the dust and the mess! 😀

The best part of today so far was running out of floor, getting dressed to go to Home Depot, and going to the car to find a third box of Allure in the trunk! I’d forget my own head if it weren’t attached. 🙂

I can’t finish the dressing room without pulling up the flooring in the kitchen, so that’s this afternoon’s project. I am to have all the flooring up by tonight and then just have the edges to chisel away

Work on the floors will continue in much smaller bursts during the next four days since my eight hour shifts at the convenience store are exhausting. Next ‘weekend’, it will be time to pull out the bucket chairs and other dinette seat in the lounge so I can get the floor down in there. After that, trim. After that, the focus will be on making sure my rig is still secure for travel.

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