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Jul 25, 2010 -

Needing an Evening Out

I’m still very much under the weather, unheard of for me after almost a full week, but I have my appetite back now that I can taste food again. I haven’t been out in a week, other than to check my mail and run a few errands, and I was starting to feel mildly claustrophobic. Moreover, my fridge’s offerings were positively unappealing. So, this being a Sunday night I thought the Drunken Goat might be quiet and a good place to catch a bite. After all, isn’t garlic good for the immune system? 🙂

I wasn’t ravenous, so I thought of just ordering an appetizer rather than a full platter. But then I noticed that there was a wrap available for a very reasonable price, under $20, even made up as a meal with a salad, rice, and potatoes. I decided to try that, confident that I would have leftovers for a nice lunch tomorrow, which I did. It was all very tasty and just what I needed. The best part? A wonderful person I know picked up the tab for me!

Since I had a relatively light dinner, I had room for dessert, so off I went to the ice cream parlour where I confounded the server by asking for cookie dough instead of Rolo. 🙂 I took my cone up to my favourite bench by the river and watched the muddy eddies of the mighty Yukon mix with the clear waters of the Klondike. The day had started off very grey and nasty, but the sun was finally out in full force. I took my time enjoying my ice cream, savouring the cold treat and the warmth on my face, knowing that my Klondike days could very well be numbered and that such evenings remaining might very well now be counted on one hand. I have a lot on my mind right now, but my plans are taking shape.

When I finally headed back to the car I ran into one of my friends and we gabbed for a bit. I cannot believe how impossible it is to go out in Dawson without running into someone I know!

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Jul 23, 2010 -

Shopping in Dawson City

Today, I went out shopping for frames for the toilet room pictures (can’t believe I forgot to pick those up down south!!!). I went into stores I’ve never before entered and their names just got better and better as I went along:

-Aurora, our full service office supply store.

-Peabody’s, our full service photography shop.

-the Dawson City Trading Post, which is a page right out of the Gold Rush era. They have all manner of late 19th century gear available, plus modern camping equipment. I wanted one of everything! 😀

-Maximillian’s Gold Rush Emporium, filled to the brim with books, toys, tee-shirts, and sundry items.

-The Raven’s Nook, which sells jewelry, sportswear, and souvenirs.

and, my favourite

-The Dancing Moose, which is your quintessential gift shop.

Found lots of frames, but none in the sizes I need. I guess I will need to hold off on the big toilet room reveal. 😀

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Jul 23, 2010 -

Grateful for Hot Water

Blech. This summer has turned out to be just as rainy as was most of my winter on Vancouver Island. And it isn’t exactly hot out, either. But there is one joy in this damp fogginess: Every time I hear the water heater kick on, I smile and start to count down the time left till my next HOT shower!

I have to confess that I’m still reeling from shock that the water heater is indeed fixed and working perfectly. There hasn’t been a single hiccup with it since I changed the control board. That said, I’m not likely to take it for granted any time soon!

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