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Jul 1, 2009 -

The Ridge Road Heritage Trail

Last night’s hike took us to just a few km from Dawson to the Ridge Road Heritage Trail. This trail used to be the first government-built wagon road in the Yukon. It was built in 1899 as a major supply route to the mines on Dominion and Sulphur creeks, not far from Bonanza Creek.

Quoting from the brochure:

Roadhouses, stores and freighting companies operated successfully along the route despite spring glaciers and a steep descent to the placer mines. Gold miners along Bonanza Creek ridiculed Commissioner William Ogilvie for supporting the project and lobbied for a more convenient route. After good roads were completed up Bonanza and Hunker creeks, the Ridge Road was abandoned in 1902.

This trail takes approximately two days to hike end to end and there are campgrounds within a day’s hike of each trailhead. We only got to about 3km UP the Jackson Gulch trailhead before the mosquitoes had us running back to the van for cover!

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Jun 26, 2009 -

The Paddlewheel Graveyard

The reason I crossed the Yukon last week was to visit Dawson’s paddlewheel graveyard, where the great old ships of yesteryear were beached and left to die once their usefulness ended. The end of the steamboat era marked the end of an age for the Yukon, as the road network became larger and more reliable. The proverbial nail in the coffin were low-lying bridges under which these ships could not pass. It’s sad to know that this was the insurmountable obstacle for ships that made it through the Five Finger Rapids. Access to the graveyards is from a trail that starts at the Yukon River Territorial Campground; most easily found with a local guide.

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Jun 26, 2009 -

The Ninth Ave and Lookout Trails

Dawson has a fabulous mostly level cross-town trail called the ‘Ninth Ave Trail’, thusly named because it runs parallel to Eighth Avenue, the last road before the Dome. The Ninth Ave Trail ends at Mary McLeod Road. Kitty corner to the left from the end of the trail is the beginning of the Lookout Trail (just before the yellow sign). This gently sloping trail takes you up to the Lookout (hence the name), which offers a more intimate view of Dawson and the Yukon River than does the view from the very top of the Dome. I’ve been up this trail a few times and never grow weary of it as it offers an almost jungle-like experience before emerging into the open Lookout. From the top, you can continue up to the Slide, and from the Slide, you can reach the Dome’s summit.

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