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Mar 7, 2010 -

Never Thought Rain Would Be a Blessing

Yesterday was amazing; clear skies, highs of fifteen or sixteen, and HOT in the sun, perfect for working on the RV. Today, however, I awoke to a downpour. There was a flash of panic at the thought of my leak. Then I realised that this was the perfect opportunity to isolate where the water was coming in from. Behold the culprit:

That grungy greenish corner is leaking like the proverbial sieve.

I obviously can’t fix the leak in this weather, so I protected the area and got instructions from Croft on how to deal with it on the next nice day.

Inside, the flooring and wall are dry and mould-free so guess what I’m going to do today?


Ahem. 😀

Once the floors are done, I will also be able to completely finish another ‘room’, not counting painting. I have big plans for today and five more hours of daylight. Check back in later to see how far I got. 😉

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Feb 19, 2010 -

Being Stared At

People were staring at me while I was out running errands the last few days. While Campbell Riverites were bundled up against the double digit temps and sunny skies, I was out and about in a tee-shirt, light sweater, and sandals. Nothing says “I’m not from here!” like wearing what locals consider to be seasonally inappropriate clothes. 😀

The nights have been cold, however. I went to the house for my shower at about 3:30 this morning before going to bed and there was frost on the car. It’s still not cold enough to warrant putting the electric heaters on full blast, much less firing up the furnace.

With all that sunshine in the last few days, I’m due to post an update about Norma’s gardens!

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Feb 13, 2010 -

Weather Frustration

In a bid to open up the rig a bit, I’m going to be doing away with some storage areas inside Miranda. The plan is to do a much needed tear-apart of the basement to get rid of excess stuff and then store there what I won’t be storing inside.

The weather refuses to cooperate for that. Even though I had a couple of clear hours this past weekend, rain was announced for later in the day and I didn’t want to risk having everything out and then getting soaked. And, no, Croft, bringing everything into the house and then back out isn’t an option. 😀

The two big categories that are going under the rig are cold weather gear and blankets. It’s still way too early in my Avoiding Winter Life to get rid of the winter gear, but I really don’t need it on hand. As for blankets, every time I think I have too many, we get a cold snap and I appreciate having them all. I should be able to get everything into the big Rubbermaid bins by doing a major purge of my wardrobe since just about nothing that’s down there is going to fit now. Working thirty-three hours a week on your feet is very good for your waistline even if you spend the rest of the week at a computer!

I also find that my tool storage hasn’t been working out and I think I know how I’ll remedy that. Then, there’s the bucket chairs that need to go, and I’d like to try an experiment: I think I might be able to get the litter box into the basement…

My goal for next winter is to spend it in a dry climate. Damp climates are hell on an RV and I bet the past two winters are going to take ten years off Miranda’s potential lifespan.

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