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Mar 11, 2010 -

The Calm After the Storm

I awoke to blue skies this morning, so I dragged myself out of bed to deal with the leak. It’s going to require more work, but the caulking will do for now. There is a piece of ribbing that goes all the way across the rig that needs to be removed, decaulked, and reinstalled. It’s going to be a huge, multi-day, job better suited for a dry climate.

I also took the time to get a few pictures for Norma. I can’t believe how hardy these flowers are!

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Mar 10, 2010 -


The last two days have been absolutely nasty. I can’t believe the drops in temperature when I was hiking in shorts and a tee-shirt in January! Some people have reported seeing snow, but I haven’t. It’s just been very blustery with a bit of rain.

The walk home tonight was brutal. I had needle-like slivers of rain slicing at my face while I walked into a wall of wind. It took me twice as long to claw my way home, and I arrived out of breath with tears streaming down my face from the exertion and burning lungs. And this after an absurdly busy shift. I am wiped!

*this post was interrupted by the sound of something crashing outside*

Well, I’m back from checking out what made the noise. I found one of the empty garbage cans rolling around near the back of my car. That might not sound impressive to the average reader. But Croft and Norma will know that this means the can jumped from its enclosed perch and then rolled something like 20ft.

*this post was once again interrupted by the sound of dishes crashing in the cupboard after Miranda was rocked by another violent gust of wind*

Whew, nothing’s broken. It’s scary out there!

Norma, your daffodils are coming up and were doing okay this afternoon, bent by the wind but not broken. I’ll assess the damage in the morning.

Yeah, daffodils in early March, then this. Crazy!

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Mar 10, 2010 -

Rain is Not Conducive to Fixing Leaks!


It’s been pouring all day and there is no relief in sight!

As if my leak worry wasn’t enough, I need to be able to work outside this weekend! The counter project will require me to cut a huge sheet of plywood (the remnant from the wardrobe doors) and there is simply not enough place in the workshop to do so. I need to do like the carpenter did and secure the sheet to my sawhorses with clamps, then use a circular saw to do the cuts. Hopefully, I’ll get a few hours respite to do that; the rest of the work can be done inside.

I’m getting pretty excited at the thought of getting that counter in once and for all and I’ve made two decisions in regards to it. The first is that the dishwasher is going onto the counter. I don’t want to cut into the plumbing and then have to worry about leaks for the next ten years. The second decision is that I’ll be taking the dinette bench apart after all. I’ll leave the seatbelt frame in place, however, and build my cabinet around it, repurposing as many bench pieces as I can. The current footprint of the bench is a bit too wide to look good with the counter and I’ll need to shave off about two inches.

So, those are my goals for the rest of this week; deal with the leak and get the counter in. I’m debating whether or not I should share my ‘to do by April 1st’ list to show just how crazily ambitious I am. 😀

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