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Mar 27, 2010 -


When I hit the road and headed off into the wonderful world of temporary work, I made a promise to myself that work would be just that, nothing personal, just a way to get to the next place.

My first stop, Oliver, tested this promise. I passed and still failed miserably. I didn’t realise then that I would be facing two challenges as a temporary worker. The first is the temptation to change things that aren’t working, even though I’m just passing through. The second is that I might meet bullies who would want to take advantage of my work ethic.

The nursery job in Oliver sucked, but it was clearly a case of it sucking for everyone. I could deal with it, there was nothing personal. What was going on at the RV park was personal, however, and I handled it very badly. I know that much of my bitterness about what happened there has to do with my decision to just take whatever that manager and colleague dished out and not give them a piece of my mind. I let them attack my integrity without putting my foot down and telling them ‘What you’re saying and doing is wrong and I won’t stand for it.’ I left without any resolution.

Something similar was happening with a colleague this winter. The job has otherwise been fine and I made a friend for life out of one colleague! That said, the one problem colleague made me I snap this week and I did what I should have done in Oliver. I told a bully that what he was saying and doing was not okay even if I’m moving on shortly. This prompted another colleague to stand up to him. I broke my first promise, to not try to change ‘corporate culture’, but it was worth it to regain that little piece of my soul I left behind in Oliver and to know that things will be better at the gas station from now on.

Sometimes it takes a stranger breezing through town, as an objective outsider, to see things that complacency and habit have blinded you to, even if they are very, very wrong. My business in Campbell River is done! 😀

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Mar 20, 2010 -

Some Assembly Required

There are not enough expletives in all the languages of the world to describe how I feel about the change in the weather forecast for the next four days. It was supposed to be sunny with occasional cloud cover. Instead, it was overcast this morning and it is now going to rain for the next three days. And if that wasn’t enough, after four days of glorious sun and heat, it’s cooled down considerably. I’ll have to bring a heater into the workshop if I want to spend any time there.

First priority this morning, then, was to get the final cuts done for the dishwasher cabinet. I used a combination of the wardrobe and free plywood.

I was originally going to assemble the unit outside, but it will be much too cumbersome to carry. Now that it’s going to rain, I also don’t want to get it wet. Finally, an in situ installation will enable me to catch little mistakes much more easily. It’s going to be awkward to do the work in the rig, but it’s the best option.

I seriously under estimated how many angle brackets I’m going to need and I don’t have the patience to take apart my valances to get the handful I have left in the rig, so soon as I have lunch I’ll head over to Home Depot to buy a bucketload of brackets. I’m also going to size up plywood seeing as I have decided to let them cut my door panels for me since I won’t be able to use the tablesaw this weekend. I also wouldn’t be able to bring home a sheet without going through some tarping exercises to keep the rain off it.

(Seriously, I have no idea how anyone could live in this climate full-time. Between my six months in Campbell River and my four months in the GVR I have had a lifetime’s fill of damp, grey winters and am starting to miss a crisp, dry, sunny, twenty below, RV not built for that weather notwithstanding.)

Griping aside, here is what the dishwasher cabinet looks like right now. Some assembly, and trim, required:

I am really nervous about the whole assembly thing because it’s going to block off a corner of the window. I will have to take the whole cabinet apart, including the housing for the dishwasher, should I ever have to deal with a leak there, so I need to get into the habit of checking that area for condensation on a regular basis. I might be worried for nothing, but time will tell.

Off to Home Depot I go…

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Mar 14, 2010 -

Surrendering to the Weather

Stormy again today. I’m not even going to try to work on any projects. Instead, I’ll focus on putting in several hours at my contracts and getting up to date with my company’s bookkeeping, all tasks that I have been neglecting in favour of just getting these renos done.

I’ve put myself on a slightly earlier schedule and it’s supposed to be gorgeous out when I return to work (growls), so I should be able to put in an hour or two of renos before heading off to work. Not an ideal situation, of course, but this weather removes a lot of choices.

Well, the coffee’s ready and my neighbour’s banana bread is calling, so off to work I go. There are definitely worse ways to spend a day, even if you wish your dishwasher counter was done already! 😀

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