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Apr 10, 2010 -

The Shortest Summer Ever

Winter seems to have returned to Campbell River. 🙁 It SNOWED yesterday morning and there was frost all

over the car last night. On the upside, it seems to have cleared up. We had about two solid weeks of rain and stormy temps, enough to cancel ferries, so seeing blue sky again is welcome. I just wish it was still warm. At least, I’ll be able to fix the leak if this trends keeps up.

Dawson City, however, is apparently experiencing an early spring. According to a friend, the weather has changed ten days early and if the trend continues there will be no problem with my arriving for the 15th. I’m really motivated to get there for that date just to see the pre-season opener at Gertie’s!

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Apr 8, 2010 -

Cold Night


We’ve had plenty of frosty nights this spring, but last night it was just plain cold. It had rained all day and then the temps dropped to just around freezing. I bundled up, slept like a log, and was woken by the feeling of being too hot as a bright sun warmed up the RV interior.

It’s chilly out there, but sunny enough to fool a less wise person into trying to fix her leak. I tried that last time we had a sunny break and wound up with a soupy mess that is going to be a nightmare to clean because there just wasn’t enough time for

the silicon to cure. I have taped a plastic bag over the leak and it’s holding back the water, but a real fix needs to happen soon. For one thing, I won’t feel comfortable sealing up that area from the inside with trim until I’m sure the leak is fixed. It’s beautiful out this morning (the sky is pure cornflower blue), but it’s supposed to cloud over and start to pour again this afternoon. Bah.

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Mar 30, 2010 -


I had no sooner come into the RV with my latest project that it started to pour. Finding the rain a tad loud, I looked outside and was nearly knocked senseless:

It has been a very odd weather day, alternating between sunny and warm, overcast and cool, and rainy, often within the same hour. The hail took the cake, though!

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