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A little work update…

This week at the nursery has been okay so far. Half days there really suits me. Did I mention that I’m on half days there now? Probably not. The reasons have nothing to do with the nursery. More on that below.

Monday and today, I was swamping. Best I can figure, this job was so named because it is cold, wet, and unpleasant. I’d previously done this job, but it was much more acceptable this week. What it entails is bending down to pick up 20lb boxes of trees from slats, passing them to someone down a line, then loading them onto a trailer. Repeat ad nauseum (99 boxes of trees on the slats, 99 boxes of trees! Pick one up, pass it around, 98 boxes of trees on the slats!). I had a really good crew Monday and today, all ladies who go at my pace and have comparable strength, so it was not strenuous like the time I did it with the crew of three men. In fact, if I could have this crew all the time, I would prefer to do this job until my last day. The work is positively mindless and it’s easy to zone out, so time flies by.

Yesterday, I was put on the packing line, something I’ve decided I was just not born to do. I have very little manual dexterity and small hands, which means that I can either work fast or I can work neat, I can’t do both. Until 11, I was put on a slower line and was able to keep up fine, but then I was put on a faster one for my last hour. The supervisor only got one chance to get on my case since I told her that I know I have no business being on the line and that if she doesn’t like my being there, she should take it up with her supervisor. HMPH.

When I started there, I was told the job would run till about December 15th and now I’m hearing December 22nd. There’s no way I’m staying there that long. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be going back down to the employment office to see if there’s anything else I could be doing. I can’t believe that on Friday I will have been there for four full weeks!!!

As for The Other Job, if this camp hosting position is typical, then I am never camp hosting again. I’ve written and rewritten and re-rewritten posts on this subject, but I can’t find the right balance between pure emotion and objective reporting. Let’s just say when I was hired the manager knew that I’m not retired.

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