Staying Put For Now

Well, I’ve crunched the numbers and weighed all the pros and cons and decided to remain at Pacific Border for at least the month of February. I think that when I add it all up, the main reason is that it’s secluded. Living in the GVR reminds me of what it was like to live in the Montreal area growing up, and all the reasons why I left Montreal without looking back. There are just too many people and too much traffic. Going out to do anything shouldn’t be a chore and I like living in an area where I can go run errands without having to plan around rush hour. Also, the difference in price between this park and the runner up amounts to only about a hundred dollars spread out over four months. I’d rather spend that extra money and have access to the pool here where it’s much nicer and quieter.

My commute today was fine. 55 minutes in the morning and 70 minutes in the afternoon because you can’t catch the freeway southbound from the park ‘n ride (who designs these things; just about everyone goes south from the park and ride!). That said, I really hate having to rush out of work at the stroke of 4:30 and the Pattulo Bridge has reopened (three weeks early!), so traffic is going to be much less dense. I’m going to finish up my fare coupons on Wednesday, then I’ll drive Thursday and Friday and make the final decision then as to whether I’m buying a bus or parking pass on Monday.

There is an RV show in Abbotsford this weekend and I will be attending on Saturday as there will be a seminar on RVing in the Northwest Territories! I cannot believe that I attended my first RV show last February and now, less than a year later, I’m attending one as a full-time RVer who is not just dreaming of going to the NWT, but will be going! Have I mentioned recently that I love this life?

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