Mar 11, 2013 - Countries, Texas, Travel, USA, Weather    10 Comments

So What’s This?

A strange thing washed up on the beach today.





It’s big, wider than my arm span, probably 4-feet in diameter. It is also hollow (I knocked on it and it echoed).

Maybe it belongs to one of these guys?



What a gorgeous day on the beach today. Pity about the chilly wind!


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    (the first thing I thought of)

  • It is a float, probably for a large fishing net.

  • Bast, that’s hilarious! Folks, you have to click that link! LOL

    Merikay, it’s a metal buoy. I think you’re thinking of the same thing, just with a different term.

  • Heh. Glad I could make you smile. 😀

  • Yes, I was thinking of a buoy but couldn’t think of the name other than ” one of those floaty things”

  • Thanks, Bast, I enjoyed that. And thanks, Rae, for giving her a reason to post that link.

  • So you can take a knockety knock to heaven , but it won’t get you in? lol

  • You’re welcome, Linda. Glad it made you smile. 🙂

  • Oh my, haven’t heard that one for a loooong time! Thanks for the appropriate flashback Bast!!! LOL

  • You’re welcome, Gypsy!

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