Slowly Understanding the Battery Monitor

I checked the battery monitor about an hour ago and I was still 20AH away from a full charge and only putting in 4A. Now, it’s flashing full!!!

I think I know what is going on.

The solar monitor gives me a reading at a given moment. I might be putting in 7A for a few minutes, but then the clouds come out and I start putting in 4A. I could end up averaging only 1A coming in for that hour despite that 7A reading at the beginning.

I think the battery monitor is giving me delayed information after the fact. That is, every so often, it tallies up what really came into the bank and then adjusts the amp hour total up or down. The computer is certainly sophisticated enough to do this.

Moreover, I woke up at about 24AH down and have been charging for 8 hours. The AH total has barely budged all day, until now, even though I was supposedly putting in about 3A all day. 3×8=24.

I wish there was a Xantrex LinkPro for dummies book. The information that comes with the monitor isn’t very helpful.

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