Apr 24, 2010 - Homemaking, Personal, Renovating    7 Comments

Sick of Trim

I did most of the dressing room trim today and am not happy with a single piece of it, especially in the shower area, which had some wonky angles. I think some putty will cover a lot of the problems, but not all. Someone needs to invent flexible trim that is at least an inch deep. The only thing I truly felt I accomplished today was build up that little strip between the vanity and the shower.

It also needs a little bit of trim to finish it, but something much thinner than what I’m using on the floor. There is now no more carpet in the living area of Miranda. I can’t wait to get rid of the carpet in the cab!

All in all, today felt like a real waste of my energy. I’ve bought the rest of the trim I need to finish the rig and I will try to continue this week just because I have the miter saw handy, but it’s no longer a priority. I have a hand saw and miter box, so I can finish this part of the project later if need be. I think I’ve hit renovation burnout.

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  • You just need to get on the road again!

  • Very much so! 😀

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  • Sometimes a nice bead of caulk will clean up some of those hard to reach places much more easily than trim. Look around your rig and you will probably see many instances where the manufacturer has simply joined two finishes or surfaces with this method. Remember too, that the judicious use of caulk will hide many faults in the trim work.
    It has also been my experience when doing my own reno work that no-one is as severe a critic of my efforts as I am!

  • wbc, I completely agree about the caulk in some areas, but I haven’t hit a spot yet where this would make sense. I will be using plenty of putty to fix my mistakes. 🙂

    I’m my own worst critic, too, but the trim IS horrible looking at this point! 😀

  • I have been looking at your site and was wondering. You talk about living in your RV but it seems you live in an apartment during the winter. Is that because of the climate? Does that mean you RV only part of the year?

  • This winter is unusual. It’s my fourth on the road and the first I have not been in the rig. Check out these posts: http://travelswithmiranda.uskeba.ca/?p=12896 and http://travelswithmiranda.uskeba.ca/?p=13044 , which explain why I am in an apartment this winter.

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