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Shiny Floors

My Allure vinyl floors are holding up pretty well, but don’t look great after two and a half years. Gaps between seams that appeared small at first seem bigger now, there are lots of scratches and marks, and they are dull. I know that a lot of that has to do with my not being a great housekeeper. I just sweep and vacuum regularly and wash them once a week with water and vinegar.

After doing all the work in the rig this summer and having people traipse in and out, I decided my floors were due for a deep, on your hands and knees, type of cleaning. And since I was going to do that, I decided to look into restoring shine to vinyl flooring.

What an education that was! I learned not to use all in one products but rather to start with a cleaner and then apply a non-wax finish. I found a couple of reviews for Armstrong Cleaner for No-Wax Floors combined with Pledge With Future that seemed promising.

Being in Canada, I figured that I would not be able to find these two products easily, but I could use the information to find something comparable. During my Walmart run yesterday, I spent a few minutes in the cleaning supply aisle and actually found both products!

I decided to tackle the floors today and it was really a divide and conquer type of project. I started by moving the litter box to the dressing room while the cats were sleeping in the study, then shut the pocket door, leaving me free to do the front part of the rig.

I further divided the front into quarters, starting with the area around the lounge chair. I began with a thorough vacuum, then I washed the floors carefully, dried them, and applied the Pledge product. A half hour later, the area was dry, so I was able to move the chair and ottoman back and do the other half of the living room. I continued like this all morning, moving furniture, cleaning, and drying, until the whole room was done and my furniture back in place.

In the late afternoon, I was able to tackle the back part of the rig. I did the study first, moving towards the dressing room, and let that floor dry while I made dinner. After that, I was able to move the computer chair and other items backs into the study, then do the dressing room starting from the kitchen and moving backwards.

I am very happy with the result! My floors look shiny and clean and getting them to that point didn’t require much effort beyond the furniture shuffle. I am curious to see how the finish will age and am a little concerned that you’re supposed to strip it and start over every six months. I do a deep clean of the entire rig every six months anyway, so if I have to add that task, it’s not a big deal.

(Neelix was hilarious during the latter part of the day. He parked himself in the kitchen and flattened himself against the floor to watch me from under the pocket door. He was very happy when I finally let him back in!)

I’ve got one picture of the floors and then I’m forcing upon you pictures of my hilarious brood.

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  • Give them an extra ear rub for me. My cat is on my lap as I type. I’m sitting down and a lap is available. Floor looks great.

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  • Hi Rae:
    I cannot remember if you follow Tioga George’s blog but today he just posted a link and a picture about a battery filling method. Since you discussed filling wet cell batteries previously I thought this might be of interest to you and your readers.

    Here is the link to George’s relevant blog:

    And here is the link to the battery filler vendor that George mentioned:

    The wet cell Trojan 105s lasted for more than 10 years so I am not ready to pay twice the money for AGM batteries. With this reliable fill method they probably would have lasted even longer since the Trojans did partially dry out a few times.


  • Carl, I am planning to pick up a watering system like this from Camping World when I get to the States his fall. I’ll continue living with my current batteries for a time, using the battery monitor and watering system to give me an idea of the shape they’re in and what sort of maintenance I’m looking at for new batteries at some point. I’m sure my new batteries will last me longer.

  • P.J., the brood says ‘Purr!’. 🙂

  • Thanks, James! I have signed up and provided a link to a recent post.

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