I grew up in a creepy old house with secret passages and hidden rooms and never got over my fascination with homes that are not what they seem. Nothing makes my day more than to discover a hidden corner of the place I live in. I’ve suspected for a long while that Miranda had a secret compartment just waiting to be shared with me:

Hmm.. why would this panel be held in place with four easily removed screws?

Hmm.. why would this panel be held in place with four easy to remove screws?

Today, I decided that it was time to pull out the screwdriver and have a looksee!

Aha! I KNEW it!!!

Aha! I KNEW it!!!

Well, folks, it seems that I’ve discovered the water pump and the fresh water tank!

And not a moment too soon, unfortunately. I really do have some major plumbing work ahead of me. The pump isn’t working, I have the fresh water tank inlet to fix, and there is something very bad going on with the shower as only a teeny trickle of water is making it to the shower head (a musty odour makes me suspect a leak 🙁 ). Knowing where the pump is at least gives me a place to start.

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