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Screwed Yet Again By the Most Unpredictable Variable

There has been some really nice responses to my last post, but they were surpassed by some really rude ones that just blew me away by their ignorance, lack of compassion, and short-sightedness.

I’m going to take you back to my first winter on the road, ’08 to ’09. It was a really brutal one and I ended up having to move to the very expensive Vancouver area where I was just about bled dry financially.

This year, I might have been able to stay below the bad weather, much worse than that of my first winter, it still screwed me over.

I had a really good budget for this winter and the funds to cover it. I’m actually super happy with my number crunching. What has led to the mess I’m in right now is the damned weather.

When I set off, I had a very good idea of how much fuel it was going to take me to go from various points on my US itinerary straight back to Canada as the crow flies. My intention was always that if I had several major unexpected expenses happen and started to feel a pinch, I would immediately return to Canada by the shortest route possible and get a contract or other job. I wouldn’t have said anything here about my financial situation and would have come up with a pretext for going north early.

But, SURPRISE, the roads north have been IMPASSABLE this winter. I’m basically trapped in a country where my money-making options are limited and suddenly I’ve got a bunch of major expenses that go beyond what I could have reasonably been expected to budget for. I am just lucky that my living expenses here are so low otherwise I would have had to find a loan shark or pawn Miranda or something equally drastic!

So that’s the scoop and all I have to say about this topic for now.

L and I are off to do some touristy stuff, so you can look forward to a FUN post later today. 🙂

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