Rear End Repair Work By Boisvert Ford, Boucherville

I called Boisvert Ford at 7:45 this morning to put in a request to have the passenger side of the bumper bolted and was told that the paint was drying! WOW, what amazing service yet again!

My mother and I drove out right after lunch to pick her up. The guy who did the work told me, in case I want to touch up other parts of the rig (um, yeah) that the white paint used is standard pure white Ford paint that is available in spray cans at Canadian Tire. Thanks for the tip!

He also said that he had some extra time and noticed that I was in the middle of a destriping project, so he thought I’d appreciate a hand. I am convinced that he saved me about 10 hours of work.

While the fiberglass portion of the rig looked pretty good with the stripes gone, the metal part looked terrible. I don’t think I ever got a picture of it. I got the stripes off the doors and hood, but there was grey glue left after. I haven’t yet found the project to get that stuff off without completely ruining my paint job. Mr. Boisvert Paint Guy did:

A non-cracked windshield is always lovely:

Now, this is what the rear of the passenger side looks like:

Bumper repair on the passenger side:

And this is the shiny rear of the driver’s side:

Now, the bumper. You can go visit the accident page to relive all the gory details of the damage, but here’s a good shot showing how bad the bumper and rear end looked:

The rear end now:

They even cleaned the front dash inside the cab. It has never looked this clean!

Another tech came to give me my keys and I asked him if he could drive the rig around to the front for me. Certainly! So getting out of Boisvert Ford was easy peasy and the traffic coming back to Chambly was almost a non-issue.

I found a dump station right here in Chambly that wasn’t, but is now on the Sanidumps site, at the Shell station. So I dumped the black tank before returning to my mother’s house.

Before parking, I Poliglowed the passenger side and then got into the driveway. My mother will help me level when she gets back from running errands.

I am thrilled with the work Boisvert Ford did on my RV and the level of service. My out of pocket costs were $388 for the windshield plus about $60 (!!!!!!!!!) for an oil change, plus tax, for a total of $512.

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  • They did a beautiful job, and what a price! I always wanted to remove the decals from my 5th wheel. They had started to peel and curl, and my attempts to help the process along made it look worse. Glad I don’t have to deal with that sort of thing any longer.

  • The body and hitch work was worth over $2,800. I sure am glad the insurance company paid for all of that!!!

  • Miranda looks great!!! I know the feeling of being out of your home for a few months, and HOW WONDERFUL it is to move back. Enjoy being HOME again.

  • WOW!! Finally some REALLY good news!

    Very, very nice!

    Is it time to crack the Champagne yet?

  • P.J., once my cats have their homecoming, it will truly feel like HOME.

    Gary, I’m waiting for the truck to get its towing harness before I break out the bubbly. 🙂

  • Hi Rae,
    Oh! Miranda looks almost better than new, well um, she’s nice and shiny.
    Nice price for out of pocket.
    I’m happy for you.
    Big sigh of relief.
    *spinning around doing a ‘Happy Dance’*

  • Vicki, Miranda’s fiberglass and the rest of the aluminum around the bottom do need some work, but she’s looking better than she has since the first time I crunched her!

    As for the out of pocket, $388 for a windshield is MUCH better than the $1,000+ I was quoted up north! And I have never paid less than $100 for an RV oil change in Canada until now.

  • You did good!
    And Mr. Boisvert Paint Guy did awesome too. It seemed they all went the extra mile to do the job right.
    It’s very exciting, you’ve been out of your home for a long time.
    Enjoy & have a great weekend.
    Vicki 🙂

  • The only mistake I feel they made was not asking me if I wanted the passenger side done to match the driver’s side.

    I was out of the rig for eight weeks starting June 15th and in it for just under three between the end of July and the middle of August. Gaaaaaah. But it’s all be for the best since my mother and I go so much work done inside.

  • […] found both a dump station and propane right on the way to the shop, so I’ll go take care of those matters on Tuesday […]

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