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Reader Poll: How About a Weekly Digest/Recap?

Over lunch, L and I talked about blogging. His wife used to blog and he would write up a summary for folks who didn’t want the whole story.

A light bulb went on over my head. I have two types of readers: those who say I don’t post enough and those who say I post too much and they can’t figure out where I am or what I am doing. So how about doing a Weekly Digest/Recap for those folks?

How I envision the Digest/Recap is that I would start off by stating where I am and then I would off one sentence per weekday featuring the highlights. L phrased it like this, “Friday we put a new solenoid into the rig and it didn’t work. Saturday we replaced the solenoid with the correct part and it worked. Monday, my power situation was great and I got treated to lunch.”  Something along those lines.

Any takers?

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  • HA! I am the first voter!

  • My evil scheme worked: I was trying to confirm if you are stalking my blog. 😉

  • I want all the nitty gritty details so I voted no. 🙂

    If you do a digest would those of us who get you now through RSS get that, too? I’d prefer not to do so as it would confuse me. 🙂

  • Linda, I was going to make the weekly recap a post, so it would show up in the RSS feed. This is very good feedback. Depending on how the poll goes, I may end up doing the recap as strictly an email newsletter type thing. I’ll see. The poll is running for a few days.

  • I voted “NO”. Joe Friday may want, “Just the facts ma’am”, but I want all the details. No Readers Digest condensed version, I want the full “War And Piece” dialogue!

  • Funny, L called the project the Reader’s Digest version. 😀

  • I can just see it,

    Monday: A flying saucer landed on the beach in front of me.
    Tuesday: I brushed the cats.


  • Don’t need a recap; I prefer to read it all.

  • It will be interesting to see if anyone who who has told me they find I post too often will be checking the blog while the poll is open.

  • Hi Rae,
    Ditto on what Croft said, twice!

  • I would continue to read the full detail, but the summary would be awesome. You might put links to each list on the summary that goes to the bigger article.

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