Reactivating a Virgin Mobile Cell Phone

I let my cell phone number lapse in the fall since I hadn’t had need for a phone in months and it was a wasted expense. But the string of interviews I will be doing next week have made me realise that I need to be reachable beyond Skype.

There was just one slight problem: I had absolutely no idea where my cell phone was! I’ve been casually looking for it on and off since May. Since I’ve pretty much torn the rig apart in the last months, I knew that there were only two possible places left. First, I emptied all my purses. Then, I emptied the console in the cab. That’s where it was!

I’d left the charger with my other electronic things, so I didn’t have to look for it! I hooked up the phone to make sure it still worked. Then, I tried to log into my Virgin Mobile online account to see if I could reactivate the phone that way, only to discover I didn’t have an online account any more.

So, I pulled up Google Call Phone and contacted Virgin Mobile directly. It took a bit of patience to get through all the steps to get to a live person, but I remembered from my previous experiences with Virgin that there was no reason to get antsy; once I got a live person things would go smoothly. And they did!

At that point, I didn’t even know if it was possible or not to reactivate a dead phone, so my first question was whether or not we could, with the understanding that I’d be getting a different number. Sure! The tech walked me through all the steps, from choosing a new number (I decided to go with one based in Vancouver, for obvious reasons) to linking a credit card to my account so I can top up easily to reactivating the phone with the new number. The whole thing took about sixteen minutes and a couple of hours later I got a text from Virgin letting me know my phone was live. I double checked that by calling myself, and then I set up my voice mail.

I’m kind of hoping this media blitz keeps up because at this rate I’ll be able to justify an iPhone… 😀

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  • Virgin Mobile here is a nightmare. I bought Lily her first mobile from there. Never, ever, EVER again. It seemed they went out of their way to make everything difficult, from logging onto the online site to topping up the phone. Bah!

    That said, glad you had success – shoot me an e with your new number when you get a chance?

  • Been dealing with Virgin for two and a half years now, no complaints! Kind of rare with a telecommunications company up here!

    E has been shot!

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