RAIN! Why Does it Have to Be RAIN!

I awoke to a torrential downpour. On the bright side, it could have been a snowstorm. I decided to go ahead with at least part of today’s plan and at least get gas, propane, and water.

Getting out of my spot was no big deal, just a bit of back and forthing until I could swing her around. I had Miranda on the street and ready for her errands by 11:15.

First stop was propane, the Gas King on North Mayor Magrath. From Mayor Magrath, the pumps are on the wrong side for filling an on board tank, but you can turn onto 2 Avenue North to come in from around the back and get lined up correctly. I was then able to back Miranda up a bit so I could turn and get into the gas pump lanes. Propane was  75 cents a litre (about $40 for a fill-CHEAP) and gas was $1.18 a litre (about $220 for a fill-cheaper than just about anywhere else in Canada). Be careful coming out of there if you plan to turn right onto 2nd to turn left on Mayor Magrath because the entrance is super steep. I heard quite a bit of scraping, which was my tow hitch hitting pavement. It looks okay, but I am going to have to do a thorough inspection before I leave.

Next, I headed for the dump station at the corner of Scenic Drive and Mayor Magrath South to attempt to dewinterize my water system. I think I got everything, but between the sound of the rain and that of the traffic, it was hard to check for leaks.

Issues that have come up:

-The water heater won’t fire up. Could be because it’s soggy out. Will keep trying. There is water in the tank, so that’s not the problem.

-The tap in the dressing room sink is leaking. I was having issues before the winter, so I’ll take it apart and see if it just needs a new washer. I’ll just have to be sure to keep the water pump off when I don’t need water until I fix this.

-The toilet flapper won’t open. It seems to be glued shut! No idea what I can put to destickify it without ruining the seal. Any thoughts?

Besides that, everything looks good. The fridge fired up immediately both on 120V and on propane. I’ve had the fridge on 120V for a few days, so it’s nice and cold.

I was going to do a billion trips down to the rig today, but it’s way too nasty for that. I’ll focus on making sure the way is clear to get the pallets and mattress in, but that’ll probably have to be it for today. I’ll do a bit of work on The Apartment, but will do my bookkeeping work today that I was going to do tomorrow.

I am still sleeping in Miranda tonight!

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  • Yes… April 31… 30 days hath September…..

    Gooed toilet flapper valve. Maybe a quarter cup of vegetable oil and let it soak? Goo Gone? Has to be something that will not attack the rubber. When you get it free get in there with rubber gloves and Q Tips. Yuk!!!

  • I’m starting with water and letting the thing soak. I will try veggie oil next. Not sure about putting Goo Gone into my holding tank, though.

    I was shocked to discover how much sewage was still in the tank over the winter. I thought I had it flushed out really well.

  • I thought veg oil too, but also graphite spray. Whaddya think Croft? petroleum jelly.

  • Petroleum jelly spread around after it is freed up maybe. The slot that the valve fits in should be cleaned out as well. Sacrifice an old tooth brush dipped in cleaner?

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