Prince George to Fort St John

I pulled out at about 8:30 this morning and was able to confirm that Prince George really needs to put more money into its signage.

Last year, I used my GPS to get out of town and wound up on a road with a bridge that had too low of a clearance for Miranda. This year, I followed the signage and found myself on that exact same road! At least, this time the construction was done and I was able to squeak under the bridge. I had to circle back about ten kilometres only to discover that I hadn’t missed any signs at all. I put on my four way flashers in a busy intersection and took out the GPS. It told me to turn right and that ended up being correct while the signage clearly said to go straight for Dawson Creek. The idiots probably changed the roads in that area and ‘forgot’ to update the signage, cheap bastards.

It was stop and go all the way out of town, with several people cutting me off, and I was pretty cranky by the time I hit the open road. I stopped at the Crooked River rest area for brunch and then my mood improved considerably as I pushed north into my beloved landscape of poplar and black spruce.

climbing up to the Pine Pass Summit

climbing up to the Pine Pass Summit

approaching the Pine Pass Summit


stopped for construction; the guy in front of me was doing some impressive calisthenics!

stopped for construction

This construction stop was memorable for the route that followed. We had to go behind a pilot vehicle and there was no room for error. At one point, my wheels were literally a couple of inches from the edge of a cliff, with the side hanging out over a ravine. I made the mistake of looking down once, nearly lost my lunch, and then focused on the road!

approaching 'the other Dawson'

There were some pretty impressive downhill stretches all the way to Taylor, between Dawson Creek and Fort St John, and I didn’t remember them from last year. It just goes to show how barreling down a hill with no brakes teaches you to pay more attention to the elevation changes. 😀

It got colder and windier the more north I drove and the snow on the ground at the Pine Pass remained all the way into Fort St John. There were actually a few icicles forming on the exterior of the loft when I pulled into the Walmart!

I completely avoided ‘the other Dawson’ this year, but I still felt that tug at my heartstrings when I turned onto the Alaska highway. Some things aren’t going to get old any time soon!

It was quite the exciting driving day, but it would have been a good day on the road had this not happened:

That’s probably going to be a total windshield replacement. The impact was such that there are shards of glass inside the cab and there are three cracks pushing out of the chip. One grew and grew and grew before my eyes and I thought I was going to have to pull over and call for help, worried that the whole windshield was going to go. So far, it doesn’t affect my visibility, so I’m holding out hope that they can just fill it with epoxy and buy me some time…. I can handle a chip repair right now, but not a windshield replacement! And before I get any comments on the subject–Yukon vehicle insurance does not cover glass claims.

Well, no sense worrying about this until tomorrow, so I’m going to turn on the furnace and then go make a nice dinner!

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  • Whew that drive in the construction area sounds nerve racking, that is one part of RVing that I might not be able to handle very well. But practice makes perfect right?! 🙂

    Glad that your windsheild held, and here is a load of hope that epoxy will do the trick.

    I love the shot of the windsheild simply because I got a different view of the interior of Miranda. Looks cozy, a home on wheels, not just an RV.

  • PS: You should have taken a picture of the guy stretching! LOL the things you see on the road must be interesting. I saw the door of a refridgerator today, right in the middle of a main road. It even had a ketchup bottle in it still!

  • That wasn’t my worst experience with construction–once I had to drive on such a slant I thought I would tip over!

    When you commented on the view of the interior, the first thing I did was race over to the site to check it out to make sure everything looks tidy! 😀 She is cozy and very much a home!

    I try not to take pictures of people without their permission but boy was I tempted! I think he’d been driving for a long stretch and this forced him to take a break!

    I’ll take your ketchup bottle and raise you a pair of dirty skivies. EWWWWWW!!!

  • Well if this guy was sporting dirty skivies then he was ASKING for his picture to be taken. 🙂 You have more photo restraint then I do, that is for certain. LOL

  • Oh, the dirty skivies weren’t today. 😀

    I loathe having my photo taken and approaching the taking of others’ photos with that attitude and respect. 🙂

  • The photos are gorgeous.

  • Thanks!

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