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Since the end of my last big contract in August I have been looking for new ones. I’ve picked up a few odds and ends, and the search has been a full-time job since I arrived in Osoyoos. I’ve had a few nibbles and am waiting for a couple of responses from potentially big ones.

Pounding the pavement for a job here doesn’t make sense to me. I know that if I find anything, it will be a minimum wage labour-type position that will eat up at least forty hours of my week and not leave energy for anything else. I’ve been going to the employment office a few times a week, but all their postings are ones I can find on the web. I remember a time when using the web exclusively to find work was a mistake, but now it’s definitely the most efficient method in a town like this.

One of my tips is to search all of Craigslist for gigs. Doing so had me Skyping Europe the other day! I’ve also found a great Craiglist aggregator that spits out all the jobs that are marked ‘telecommuting is okay.’ In the two years since I’ve hit the road, the number of legitimate sites posting telecommute or freelance jobs has grown exponentially.

Being a freelancer isn’t as easy as having a regular job and does not provide any measure of financial stability while you’re establishing yourself, but I believe that it’s the right route for me in this lifestyle. A small contract at my hourly rate can be worth more than several weeks of minimum wage work, and it doesn’t tie me down to one location.

I’ve been finding on average three potential contracts a day since I got here, so I remain hopeful that I can get something before I’m forced to take out a loan from the Bank of Myself to cover my expenses in November. At least, there’s that option. 😀

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  • You are very fortunate to be in the position you are in. Good luck in finding “the big one”!

  • Good hunting.

  • Thanks Martha and Merikay!

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